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Phuket Travel Guide: Know Before Visit Phuket

In Thailand, there are several provinces but one of the southern provinces is called Phuket Island and it is the largest in the country. Phuket is connected with a bridge to another province in the north and the nearest province is the Krabi which has its contribution to the city’s growth. Phuket was one of the most used trading routes between India and China and was always mentioned in ship logs of different countries like Portugal, France, English traders, and a few others. The island had a major way of making money which was tin but technology and knowledge increased and they moved to tourism which has generated an outrageous amount of funds for the country. The climate of the city is quite understanding as it features a tropical monsoon climate but there are variations in temperature because of the proximity to the equator but they have two major seasons which are the rainy and dry seasons. The dry season operates between December and February while the rainy season operates between March and November with an average rain level of roughly 2200mm.

Phuket has several sectors but it raises income from two major sources which are Rubber plantation and Tourism even though they use to raise income from Tin many years ago in the 16th century. Phuket has brought Thailand to the front of the world as the world’s largest producer of rubber but the effects of tourism can never be overemphasized. There are developments in the sandy beaches, hotels, eateries, restaurants, houses, and infrastructures and this has introduced several levels of attractions to the island.

Phuket has been recognized a the world’s top five retirement sites because of the serenity that has led retired people to come to rest their hearts and minds there. It is recorded that Tourism generates about 385 billion baht for revenues and has recorded over 10 million visitors and most of them from China with families, couples and other individuals. In the first half of 2019, reports and statistics show that Phuket revenue rose by 3.1% even while the number of tourists declined and the availability of more hotels than necessary. Generally, tourism has been a plus to the economy of Phuket island and Thailand as a country.

Some of the very intriguing attractions includes two Heroines Monument where a memorial statue of two heroines were erected as they are remembered for how they rallied fellow island dwellers to repel against intruders from Burmese, Thalang National Museum where exhibitions from old Phuket and remains from the coast and artifacts, Hot Karon which is one large beach where there is white sand and clean ocean for resting and sightseeing, Kamala Beach which is a large beach just a few clicks from the Patong Beach but serves as a busy beach in dry season as well as a market venue on weekends and lastly the Phuket Pearl farm which has beautiful crops and only accessible by boat. There are several other interesting locations on the island that will keep you part of the fun of the land as a tourist or visitor.

Layout and Location

Phuket is known for many things but in the aspect of Tourism, It has one of the finest beaches, white sands, palm trees, clear blue sea, and interesting locals. The city has have covered any budget and plan covered in its offers. Putting aside the attractions, there are other islands and they include many tropical paradises, Phi Phi Islands, Phang Nga Bay, Patong Beach, kata amongst many others. The location has an interesting atmosphere for couples in romantic auras as well as families hoping to become more bonded by love and laughter. It has a landmass that counts about 540 square kilometers which is a bit less than Singapore. Its layout and location are easy to comprehend but Phuket is located about 863 kilometers to the southern part of Bangkok. It is estimated that Phuket would have a total area of approximately 576 square kilometers with an outlying island inclusive. Several other outlying islands include Ko Lone which is 1.84 sq mi, Ko Maprao which is 1.4 sq mi, Ko Naka Yai which is 0.80 sq mi, Ko Racha Noi which is 1.18 sq mi, and the second biggest which is Ko Sire which is 3.4 sq mi. A large chunk of Phuket is overlaid with mountains which cover from North and south and this is about 70% then the remaining 30% are plains in the central and eastern parts of the island. The whole area is quite interesting if properly guided through.

Where to stay in Phuket

Every tourist has plans whether local and international and hotels are never underrated. There are hotels to fit any kind of budget for the trip as the prices start from $5 per night for different hotels. Some of the best hotels in Phuket with great deals and offers include Amari Phuket, Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort, Best Western Premier Bangtao Beach Resort, Holiday Inn Express Beach Phuket Patong Beach central, kalima resort and Katathani Phuket Beach Resort.

All those hotels have a very high rating in feedbacks and operations but there are other good hotels as well but those mentioned above are better than the best. Each of these hotels has dining halls with good meal offers but restaurants can be used as well and some of them include MomTri’s Kitchen, Black Ginger, la Gritta Italian restaurant and Bampot Kitchen & Bar. They offer a good level of hospitality and customer service with national and local meals offered at good costs.

Where to eat in Phuket

There are many restaurants where one can explore food and some of them include MomTri’s Kitchen, Black Ginger, la Gritta Italian restaurant and Bampot Kitchen & Bar. They offer a good level of hospitality and customer service with national and local meals offered at good costs.  Street food is also very famous in Phuket which is very reasonable. 

Tour Guide

There are several places to visit in Phuket but a tour guide will help to get around quite easily. Some of the places include parks, driving adventure, marine parks, city tours, temple visits, and other places. Each of these places requires directions that the tour guide can provide especially if you speak an opposite language so an interpreter can be gotten to have an optimum experience. Each tour plan has different prices but it is quite affordable for any tourist whether general or private tour plan.

Things to do in Phuket

Some very interesting activities to get involved within Phuket includes taking a trip to Kata Noi Beach where relaxing is the focal point there, tour around Chalong Bay Rum, see the Phuket Big Buddha and finally take a wander at the Karon viewpoint. You must enjoy time on the island with these activities. Check the best things to do in Thailand.

Best time to visit Phuket

The best time to visit Phuket is November to February (winter) which is also a peak season. By that time everything would be expensive. September and early October is also ideal to travel to Phuket as most backpackers come this time to unwind and chill. Hostels are easily to book, everything is cheap and affordable and less people on the beaches. Another great period is March-April, when during the Thai New year. 

Interesting Facts about Phuket

  • It’s a small island that has everything an urban dweller needs, so you don’t have to spend much time on traveling. Indeed, Phuketians feel that any distance that requires longer than half an hour’s drive is far.
  • Wherever you are on the island, the nearest beach is no farther than half an hour by driving from you.
  • Phuket hosts visitors from all over the World, so cuisines from all over the world are available here. In Phuket, you can find all four Thai cuisines, tens of Chinese cuisines, Japanese, Korean, American, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Myanmar, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Turkish, Greek, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Kazakh, Kirgyz, Arabian, Iranian, Jewish, etc.

Next step

The next place is visited in Pattaya where tourism and beauty are the order of the day. In conclusion, there are several things to enjoy on the small Island called Phuket but most importantly enjoy the view and local dishes.

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