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Pattaya – Big Tourist City in Thailand

Pattaya, a shoreline city in Thailand with several intriguing features has soon become one of the most visited tourist cities in the world. The history of the city is relevant to the operations that appear today and has made the city attractive. Pattaya as a name erupted from a match past of Phraya Tak and his military crew while they moved from Ayutthaya to Chanthaburi. All these happened just before the destruction and fall of the main city capital as they lost to the Burmese Invaders and it all happened in 1767. At the point when his military reached the region which is today is called Pattaya, Phraya Tak they now came across another set of soldiers allocated to a local war veteran named Nai Klom who now tried to intercept and capture him. As soon as the leader of both militaries met each other, Nai Klom was intrigued by Phraya Tak’s soldiers’ courtesy and manners. Nai Kom decided to let go and go into a truce with the Phraya Tak’s soldiers.

The spot the armed forces went up against one another was from that point known as Thap Phraya, which implies the army of the Phraya then later called Pattaya which we all know today which is regarded as the name attributed to the breeze blowing from the south-west towards the north-east at the start of the wet season.

Not until the 1960s, Pattaya was a full-blown fishing town but things turned around. During the Vietnam War, American servicemen laid low very close to U-Tapao then different US bases in Thailand started taking time out to visit Pattaya which was one very big stepping up by the Pattaya controlling panel. Well, history and study that’s not approved explain that it all began when a gathering of 500 American warriors stationed at the military barracks located in the heart of Korat. These soldiers were deployed forcefully to Pattaya on 29 June 1959 for an R&R that lasted for just seven days. But at the southern part of the seashore, the soldiers leased a few houses from a very prominent local indigene, Ruler Sunthorn. Even though they stayed for a very short time, the soldiers made some intriguing memories and raved about the spot.

The news about their experience at Pattaya began to spread among other American officers positioned in the area and Pattaya immediately turned into a preferable option that functions in contrast to Bangkok. As regarding the weather, it is quite refreshing as it has two major aspects; tropical wet and dry seasons.

There are three sections of climate in Pattaya that fall under the wet and dry seasons and they include hot and dry which is between December to February, hot and humid which is between March and April then finally hot and rainy which occurs between May and November.

In 2015, Pattaya acquired a very intriguing and gigantic population increment from the tourism factors and the cities record of 2000 hotels/inns with 136,000 rooms accessible.

Giving reference to the tourism industry, a high number of individuals from the north-east which is Isan, the poorest in Thailand have come to work in Pattaya, and are included for numbering purposes and a better population density in their hometowns. There is a developing network of retirees living in Pattaya to rest and hope for a better life. The immigration base of Pattaya has an intriguing visa class for foreign retirees that’s over age 50 who wish to resign and rest in Pattaya, Thailand. Pattaya is regarded beautiful to numerous retirees from different nations not just as a result of its atmosphere and ecstasy, it also entails the simple way of life, yet also, the

living expenses are lower in other nations. Some other details of Pattaya will be explained in the following topics

Layout and Location

Pattaya is a big city in Thailand located at a very strategic point. Pattaya is located at an eastern shoreline just at the Gulf of Thailand which is exactly around 100 kilometers to the southeast of Bangkok but not part of the Blast Lamung Region in the area of Chonburi. Pattaya City is a civil territory that covers some special areas that includes tambon Nong Prue, NaKlua and parts of Huai Yai and Nong Pla Lai. The city is laid industrially around the seaboard zone that is specifically east as well as Si Racha, Laem Chabang, and Chonburi. Pattaya is at the focal point of the Pattaya-Chonburi Metropolitan Zone with a population of approximately a million people. Giving reference to layout, Pattaya fills a huge chunk of the coastline of Banglamung. There is a major division into a bigger northern side which covers the regions toward the east of Naklua Beach and Pattaya beach in addition to Pratamnak Slope headland which is specifically south of Pattaya beach, and a little southern section covering the territory toward the east of Jomtien beach. The whole location and layout is quite vast but every detail is relevant to enjoying the full package attributed to the Island.

Where to Stay in Pattaya

In Pattaya, after having a nice time with the nightlife or the tour around town during the day, you must get accommodated well. It has to be where hospitality and care are top-notch with proper and affordable rates. Some of the very best hotels include Hard Rock Hotel, LK The Empress Pattaya, Altera Hotel and Residence, Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort Pattaya, Cape Dara Resort, Dusit Thani Pattaya, Hilton Pattaya, and Intercontinental Pattaya Resort. Each of the hotels has ratings that are between 4.0 and 4.5 over 5.0 which is more than good enough for any customer base. Find more Best hotels in Pattaya.

Where to Eat in Pattaya

Concerning restaurants, there is a good number of nice restaurants especially dining halls in hotels. Some of the best restaurants include Royal Grill Room, Mantra Restaurant, The glasshouse restaurant, and Radius restaurant. You must have a feel of real Thai dishes prepared by the locals as it posses a special touch of sweetness and archaicness.

Tour Guide

Getting around the city works completely with a tour guide especially if you are visiting for the first time. In Pattaya, the tours constantly come as a pleasing wonder to visitors. Getting engaged with the cultural extravaganzas, ladyboy shows, island journeys, and tours is very good so the tour guide can deliver out the adventurer in you, as you visit the zoos or gardens. Some other things you can do as a tourist includes visits to proper tourist attractions while featuring unforgettable experiences throughout the whole trip.

As a tourist, whether you move around for half a day or a full day, the vacation locations have been designed to give you a complete intriguing experience. They ensure that you make the maximum of your vacation and come away with top-notch recollections and memories to tell of exciting views and activities.

Things to do in Pattaya 

The most popular activities include snapping pictures, visiting the beaches and enjoying the food from the locals. Some other events to attend include the Kaan Show, EasyKart, Tiffany’s Show and Alcazar Cabaret Show and they cost less than $35 per adult. They are rated as the best of activities in the city and they happen at certain times which will be related by a Tour guide. Check out some more things to do in Thailand.

Best time to Visit Pattaya

The nicest weather is from late December to late February. The Pattaya International Music Festival, if it occurs, is the third weekend in March. Mid-April for the Songkran festival is also a good choice.

Interesting Facts about Pattaya

  1. Pattaya is famous for its sex industry and it’s still going strong day by day. But that is not all as there are many family-friendly attractions and activities you can do here.
  2.  Pattaya is a smaller version of Bangkok with fewer variations and more traffic, bikes and dirt.

Next Step and Conclusion

The next place to visit in Bangkok and there’s so much to be offered to tourists from all over the world. In conclusion, Pattaya has its special features that cannot be overemphasized.

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