Travel Guide of Sydney

Travel Guide of Sydney Australia

Being the state capital of South Wales, Sydney is one of the most populous cities in Australia. This city is very beautiful when it comes to its environment and infrastructure. People who are residents of this Sydney are called Sydneysiders.

Being one of the oldest cities in Australia, Sydney is filled with various beautiful places and adventures. Whether it is an opera house or Harbour bridge, you will just enjoy each aspect of this city. You can experience the sunshine beauty at the opera house and on the other hand, at the harbor bridge, you can feel the grace of the city. Every bit of this city will make you fall in love with this its and its boundaries. Places like Harbour cruises, Darling harbor, Botanic Garden, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney tower eye, etc. are the main attractions of the city which are just more than any word that can describe them.

Layout and Location 

Sydney is located on the east coast of Australia and covers the blue mountains which are very near the top of this city Sydney surrounds Hawkesbury to its north, royal national park to its south, MacArthur to its south west and the blue mountains to its west. The city is made of 658 suburbs in total and covers an area of approx 12,367.7 km2. The city has almost 40 local government areas with 15 contiguous regions.

Where to stay in Sydney?

It is very much obvious that before planning for a vacation, we all think about accommodation. Well, you do not have to worry about it then. Sydney has all ranges and categories of hotels where guests can be provided with full comfort and satisfaction with several facilities and benefits in order to make your trip an amazing one. Also, visitors can easily get hotels in Sydney as per their needs and budget. This city is also not very expensive and people can enjoy staying here with minimum expenses. This city is very suitable for those who have a minimum vacation budget. The hotels here are easily affordable and accessible.

Where to eat in Sydney 

There is a whole different cuisine that is being followed by the people of Sydney. One can find delicious meals in every nook and corner of the city. We have mentioned some of the best and famous places to eat in Sydney that one should definitely give a try.

  • Tramsheds
  • Black star pastry
  • Sydney fish dish
  • N2 extreme gelato
  • Bills ( a cafe which has many unique and tasty dishes)

Getting around in Sydney

There are so many visiting places in this city that will just mesmerize your eyes and make your vacation worthwhile. Due to its high population, the facilities in Sydney are also very much advanced and people get enough comfort here. Staying and accommodation is not an issue here. Also, the residents of Sydney are very friendly and they welcome visitors with open hands and hugs. 

When it comes to getting around in the city, ultimately, driving is the easiest way to get around but Sydney isn’t a particularly car-friendly city. If you’re a tourist, You can reach all the famous tourist spots via public transport (buses, trains, and ferries). At certain spots there is a long wait for the bus or trains so you may want to be prepared for that. Public transport is cheaper than cabs. Cabs or rental cars are another but this option could be expensive to many.

Things To Do In Sydney

You can explore the number of engaging places in Sydney and have an experience that you can never forget. Following are some of the activities that you can do while you are in Sydney:

  •  Water tours
  •  Sailing and cruises
  •  Beach coastal walk
  •  Peaceful walk a botanic garden
  •  Harbour bridge ride
  •  Shopping
  •  Fun at cockatoo island
  •  Experience life at the farmers market

The list does not end here. There are several other things as well that you can do in Sydney. Some of them are paid, some are free and some are just dependent upon the season when you are in the city. So choose wisely and experience the best time in the city.

Facts about Sydney

  1. Although, English is the main language of Sydney, Chinese and arabic are very popular other than english. 
  2. The world-famous Sydney Opera House holds at least 3000 per annum shows.
  3. Sydney is home to the largest and most diverse fish market in the world, and second only to Tokyo!
  4. Sydney Harbor Bridge measures 1,149 meters and is known as the world’s largest steel arch bridge!

Best time to visit Sydney

Sydney is fairly pleasant throughout the year, but autumn (March-May) and spring (September – November) shoulder seasons look better. During these times, one can experience less tourists, comfortable temperatures, and can enjoy various seasonal activities. but If you wish for a beach vacation, December–March is your best season; surfers will appreciate March to September while oyster lovers are visiting between September and March.

What’s next?

Sydney is a place that is full of adventures and beauty. It is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their life. It is one of the oldest cities in Australia and counted amongst the most beautiful cities in the world. There is no doubt that the city will just give you an amazing experience and a bundle of lifetime memories.

Next in our list comes Melbourne where one can find a lot more than just sand, beaches and nightlife.

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