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London – Famous & largest in the whole of the UK

London is an ancient city, famous and largest in the whole of the United Kingdom. It is considered as one of the most important cities in the global drawing. It is most desirable, visited, invested, sustainable, influential and most popular for job availability in the world ranking of cities. London contributes greatly to different sectors of the world and they include art, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, health, media, development, military, research and most of all tourism. In economic status, London has performed so greatly and ranked as 26th of 300 major cities in the economic performance list. London has one of the busiest airports in the world i.e Heathrow International AIrport.

London has progressed and has accommodated several visitors, tourists, and immigrants as well as long as it contributes to their economy and this has led to existence to over 300 languages existing in the city. The population is way over 8 million as of 2018 and ranking as the most populated city in the European Union. There are several world heritage cities in London and some of them include the Tower of London, Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Ashridge House, London Eye, Tower Bridge amongst several other settings. There are museums, galleries, and theatres that have also to the ecstatic level of London as well.

There are several districts in London which include Wembley, Whitechapel and several others while some other places are regarded as parishes and villages. Each location has been attributed with a certain attitude with names attached and official boundaries set meanwhile the City of London has called the financial and commercial hub in the docklands. There are two ends which are the West and East end with functions and contributions to the economy and growth of London. In the west end, entertainment, shopping, and tourism functions are all over the area and have attracted tourists from both London and outside the country. There are also residential areas that cost millions of pounds, especially in Chelsea and Kensington. For the east end, it is close to the port of London which has made immigration high from that end but it is where the poor people reside. Also, the architecture is not specific especially because the buildings are much but generally it is of optimum beauty and quality in style and building. There are several other details about London but will be detailed further in this article:

Layout and Location of London

London’s layout is quite interesting as its buildings are located everywhere and together. The city has a proper city planning foundation and that has led to the interesting layout laid on the ground. As a tourist, if you stand just at the River Thames in the southeastern part of England, at the head of its 50 miles estuary leading directly to the famous North Sea, London has long been a major settlement for two millennia which includes Londinium founded by the Romans from Italy. London covers an area of about.9 km2 and colloquially known as the Square Mile as it also retains boundaries that follow closely its medieval limits. London is located in the heart of the United Kingdom with several ways to get in especially through the airport and getting around the town with the Metro bus is the talk of the day. Some very interesting place to visit includes the museum, national gallery, Southbank center, national history museum, the Tower of London and the Tate Modern as well. There is a cable car that carries passengers from one location to the other; the Greenwich peninsula to the Royal docs.

Where to stay in London

Getting to stay in the best of hotels is the primary function of any tourist either local or international. Find Best hotels in London Each of these hotels has the best rating, deals, and hospitality on a good level and of course good prices per night. It is always an opportunity to be hosted as a visitor in any of these hotels as you will have good offers especially with their clubs, dining halls, game centers, and even their pools. The views of the hotels also is a plus to the growth of the level of fun in London city. The hotels include the Apex City of London Hotel, Park Plaza London Waterloo, Hilton London Paddington, Strand Palace Hotel and finally the Club Quarters Hotel, St. Paul and all of them cost less than $200 per night. 

Where to Eat in London

There are many good eating places in London where visitors can easily enjoy their choice of food. Some of the restaurants include Sushi Tetsu that serve as a Japanese bar, Bright where wines and seasonal food plates are sold then The Ledbury where french and British free in tranquil space is offered.

Tour Guide

Getting around London is important especially because London has its ups and downs that if you’re not properly guided through the city, you may get missing as everywhere resembles each other due to the similarity in streets and colors. It is important to acquire a city guide to get you a good taxi offer and take you around major points in London where there are nice views, museums, beaches, bars, and even party halls. The guide has several payment offers which could be general with a double-deck bus tour or private tour where there are focus and attention given to you as an individual, family or couple. All travel information and advice will be taken care of by the tour guide that has a way of getting around the city.

Things to do in London

London is famous for its old tourist destinations which include Big Ben, the London Eye, and museums. Big Ben is believed to have the most accurate time and can be visited for pictures and sightseeing while the museums and the London eye should be visited as well. As a tourist, taking pictures is also very important to preserve the moments. Some other activities to get involved in the bus tour, taking a view from the SHard, and visit Madame Tussauds where you will come across the world’s most famous faces ranging from the queen to Usain bolt, Meghan Markle and several others. It is good to be part of all London’s most intriguing sites and taking pictures as well.

Best time to visit in London

London, the capital of the United Kingdom has a climate that varies with time and this includes autumn, winter, summer, and spring. Each of these weather conditions has its highest and lowest but summer is almost preferred except that things are more expensive around this time since there are more visitors at this time. Giving reference to the fact that rain is frequent in London, the city averages 602 millimeters (23.7 in) of precipitation every year and makes it drier than the average in the worldwide platform.

Interesting Facts about London

  • Big Ben, also one of the famous landmarks in London, is the name of the bell. Many consider it as a clock.
  • There are over 300 languages spoken in London including English, Turkish, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Arabic, etc.
  • One can visit plenty of museums for free in the city.
  • London hosted three summer Olympic games and emerged the first city to do such in the world today.
  •  It also has a high level of ranking in education with a flock of the best schools all over Europe which includes Hult Business School, London School of Economics and Imperial College London amongst many others. 

Next step and Conclusion

In conclusion, London is just the way it is; beautiful and intriguing. Tourists must take control and enjoy the area to the fullest.

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