Istanbul City Information and Travel Guide

Istanbul is an ancient city in Eurasia which was also known by the names of Byzantium and Constantinople. It is the most crowded city in Turkey and the nation’s monetary, social and historic focus. It is the city where two continents meet…the only city where a sea passes through and the historical capital of three empires. With a complete population number of around 15 million occupants in its metropolitan zone, Istanbul is one of the world’s most crowded urban communities, positioning as the world’s fourth-biggest city and the biggest European city.

At around the 660 BCE, the city developed in size and impact and through this, Istanbul soon became the most relevant city the world has ever seen. After its restoration as Constantinople in 330 CE, it filled in as a royal capital for very nearly 16 centuries. It was very relevant in the progression of Christianity during Roman and Byzantine occasions, before the Ottomans took full control of the city in 1453 CE and changed it into an Islamic fortress and the seat of the Ottoman Caliphate. Under the name Constantinople it was the Ottoman capital until 1923 when the capital was then moved to Ankara and the city was now renamed Istanbul. All forms of entertainment, especially art, music, film, and cultural carnivals were set up towards the end of the twentieth century and has kept on being facilitated by the city till date.


Istanbul is Turkey’s most crowded city but has an intriguing layout. It is situated on the two sides of the Bosphorus, the restricted waterway between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, Istanbul spans Asia and Europe both physically and socially. Istanbul’s populace is evaluated to be somewhere in the range of 12 and 19 million individuals, making it additionally probably the biggest city in Europe and the world.

Istanbul is a city found in Istanbul, Turkey. It is found 41.01 scope and 28.95 longitudes and it is arranged at rising 39 meters above sea level. Istanbul has a populace of 11,174,257 making it the greatest city in Istanbul. It works on the EEST time zone.

Where to stay in Istanbul

Since the start of the twentieth century, hotels have emerged in different areas and have triggered more in several other regions. Sirkeci quarter inside the old city has adjusted to the new inclination of hotels and old motels in the area have progressively changed into hotels. The different locale of the city pursued this pattern and the quantity of hotels in Istanbul has increased as the year goes by.

During the 1990s and 2000s, alongside the quick improvement of various classes of the tourism industry in the nation, another influx of lodging options occurred in the city. Some of the best hotels that are best and opened during that time frame include Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus, Four Seasons Istanbul Hotel in Sultanahmet and Ritz-Carlton Istanbul Hotel.

Where to eat in Istanbul

Some very good restaurants include Mivan Restaurant Cafe, My Home Sultanahmet Restaurant and Turgut Kebap Restaurant. They all have good dish options at very proper rates.

Tour Packages and Guides

Istanbul has a huge number of authentic attractions that are famous and prevalent. Even though tour guides are in and around the major touristic sights, the most dependable and educated guides who offer a proper encounter are not many, although few are able to supply all the information needed to enjoy the tour.

Some of the tour packages include Fest Travel where you’ll generally have a guide who has a piece of profound information on the specific course and every one of its sights like the Byzantine Tour, Bazaars of Istanbul, Bosphorus Cruise, Jewish Heritage, Ottoman Tour, and Two Continents. The Istanbul Tour Studio which features the Istanbul Helicopter Tour, One Day Street Art Tour, Spiritual Sunday Walk, Bike and Bite Tour Istanbul, etc then finally Locally Istanbul which features a visit in a WWII vintage bike (cap gave), Tour of the Asian Side, Golden Horn Tour, Private Bosphorus Cruise, Art and Antiques Tour, Turkish Designers Tour, and Istanbul By Night.

Things to do in Istanbul

  1. Visit Hagia Sofia and the archaeology museum.
  2. Visit the Blue Mosque. If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, take a ferry up the Golden Horn to Eyup, to visit the lovely Eyup mosque, and admire the panorama.
  3. Also, embark on Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar. Observing the vendors and the customers are as interesting as shopping there yourself.
  4. Take the ferry to Kadikoy. It’s a beautiful, exhilarating ride, and you can buy a simit and share it with the seagulls that follow the boat. 
  5. Take the tram to Chora Church to see some exquisite Byzantine mosaics.
  6. Explore the old medieval fortress Rumeli Hasari.
  7. Walk down to Eminonu, buy a very fresh fish sandwich, pull up a barrel and eat. Yum!
  8. Walk over Galata Bridge to Karakoy. Climb the stairs up the Galata Tower and enjoy the view; then have dinner at one of the many restaurants in the area

Best time to visit in Istanbul

There are mainly two times of the year which are considered best to visit this exotic place. One is from March to May and the other between September and November months. These are the times when the city is not overcrowded by tourists and the prices of accommodations are average.

Interesting facts about Istanbul

  1. The name Istanbul has its origin from the Greek language but has been given Turkish character over time.
  2. After London and New York, it is Istanbul with the city that has one of the oldest subways in the world.
  3. With a population of over 15 million people, Istanbul is one of the most populated cities in the world. It has a population of more than 177 countries around the world.
  4. The city’s tourist attraction is its museums and historic locations which have gotten them recorded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its social and diversion center is over the city’s main harbor. 
  5. It serves as the headquarters of numerous Turkish organizations and news sources while it records for at least a quarter of the nation’s total national output.

Next step and conclusion

Istanbul is an ideal vacation spot for tourists who want to learn about the history and also have some real fun at the same time. Next on our list comes Shanghai which is considered as the masterpiece of the blasting economy of China. There are many marvelous sites to visit in this fascinating city in China.

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