Goa Travel Guide

Goa – Southwestern Coast of India

Goa is a small city situated on the southwestern coast of India. It is the smallest region of the country and the fourth smallest region in terms of population. Tourism has been a major plus to the city’s value in many years and as a result, it has attracted several tourists from all over the world. Goa is visited by massive numbers of tourists from around the globe for its beaches, nightlife, museums, World Heritage-indexed architecture, etc. It is blessed with several beautiful sites, rich vegetation, natural placements and also due to its place at the Western Ghats range making it a biodiversity hotspot.

The state has a capital called Panaji while the biggest city is Vasco da Gama. The cultural influence of Portuguese remains in Margao as they were the ones who first landed the city in the early 16th century. They came in as merchants and conquered it as they stayed longer in the city. Goa soon became a former nation of the Portuguese Empire while their territories in India existed for approximately 450 years until 1961 when it was annexed by India.

More details about this stunning city are mentioned below

Layout and Location

Goa is a coastal region located in the western part of India but it is popularly regarded as the most visited tourist destination. Goa is bounded by the Arabian Sea on one side and some natural settings on other sides. The name of the area is popularly referred to as the Konkan but it is separated from the Deccan highlands by a natural site called the Western Ghats. Goa is bordered by the State of  Maharashtra from the north, while Karnataka surrounds it firn the east and south, and the Arabian Sea on its west. Land wise, it is the smallest state in India according to and the fourth-smallest in terms of population rate.

Where to stay in Goa 

Goa is the region that can be enjoyed in the most affordable offers and financial plans but you can locate shacks and huts with the connected toilet not very far from the beaches. However, at the monsoon seasons, the huts may not be available or reliable so hotels and motels will be best for accommodation. If you’re seeking out a beach residence, you may find authentic Goa style villas, beach houses, Beachfront Hotels in Goa. While residing there, you can enjoy boutique inns, outdoor pools, seaside views and much more. Some of the best hotels include Old Goa Residency, Grand Hyatt Goa, Hotels travelers Inn, and some others. Check based on reviews our best hotels in goa including 5-star hotels, 4 stars and much more

Where to Eat in Goa 

One can get almost every food variety in Goa. Most of the hotels in Goa have good dining options but some restaurants include Greenyard Restaurant & Bar, Mirch Masala restaurant and Master Chef.

Tour Guide

In touring around Goa, some certain packages can fit in your plan perfectly. Some of the tour packages create a platform for family tour, couple tours, Boat cruise, and other special packages but they last for at least 3-5 days with a cost of less than $300 for the whole package. It will cover a guide and connection to major places in the city as well as having an understanding of all regions.

Things to do in Goa

Getting around is important but certain activities must be engaged with to maximally utilize the tour time. Some of them include Arambol, Agonda, Anjuna, Calangute, Candolim, Colva, Dona Paula, and Palolem. Each of those names represents a set of activities that range from skiing to spa to riding to fishing to strolling and many other interesting activities.

Every water recreation you plan or imagine can be discovered right here in Goa but most importantly all varieties of water and seaside activities are exceptionally enjoyed in Goa. Some good reasons why you should visit Goa includes casino life, water sports, nightlife, cultural fusion, museums, a taste of local foods, spices and condiments for food, artifacts and textiles in the markets, and most importantly the carnivals coupled with dance and music.

Best time to Visit

The climate conditions in Goa varies with time. Since Goa is situated within the tropical area and placed a few clicks from the Arabian Sea, it has a warm and humid climate on an average rating. The state’s three seasons are Southwest monsoon length which is between June and September, the up-monsoon period which is between October and January and finally the truthful climate length which is between February and May. At some times in the year, the city is bubbled with several kinds of visitors and activities.

Summer starts in March and ends in June on an average level and also the best time for land and water sports. As a tourist, you should enjoy beach sports as part of the summer tourism experience but the beach seems to be crowded continually throughout this season. As for the winter, it is the top time for playing lush vegetation, amazing sports like warm air ballooning area visits and others but has also served as the time of many carnivals and galas. Winter starts in October and usually ends in March most of the time.

The rainy season is between June and September but Goa receives moderate rain. All beach sports will be closed for the duration of heavy rains. Even boating could be suspended in the course of difficult water. However, the intriguing splendor of the area remains exciting even during the monsoon season.

The best Time to Visit Goa is from the month of October to March. During this time, the weather is pleasantly cool and convenient to visit this party Capital. Visitors will find people basking in the sun on sandy beaches and a lot of water sport activities during this time.

Interesting Facts about Goa 

  1.  Remains of St. Francis Xavier at Basilica of Bom Jesus in old Goa is 400 years old and is still in a non-decomposing state.
  2. The first English medium school and the first medical school was set up in Goa.
  3. Goa is home to some of the oldest rocks. Some of them even age 3600 years.
  4. Goa features lots of white-sand beaches and they count up to 30 and more smaller ones.
  5. Amongst all the Indian states, Goa has the very best GDP and also two and a half times the full country.

Next Step & Conclusion

Goa is a special white sand area that must be visited and should be enjoyed as well whether as an international or local tourist. Our next step is Bali which has some intriguing sites and beaches to explore.