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Dubai is regarded as the most visited tourist city in the world but it has many intriguing properties. It is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. As much as Dubai is a worldwide city it is also the major business center of the Middle East. The oil industry has moved its economy from zero to a new level and has generally quickened the advancement of the city, which was at that point a significant trade center point. But today, a low part of their income comes from oil while the higher chunk comes from tourism. Dubai has also functioned as a point for provincial and worldwide exchange since the middle of the twentieth century. Dubai’s economy depends on income from the exchange, the travel industry, avionics, land, monetary administrations, and other functions. 

Layout and Location

The city is positioned right on the Persian Gulf, in the upper-eastern side of UAE. It is the second-largest emirate with an urban landscape of approximately 3885 sq km. the entire city is around 35 sq km. But with plans now on the ground about man-made islands, it will be twice that size. Man-made islands will include the waterfront, Three Palms, World, Universe, Dublin to reflect the high levels of development in the desert. Geographical coordinates 25 ° 15 ‘8’ ‘N, 55 ° 16’48 “E.

One of the most interesting topographic parts of Dubai is its creek and it divides the city into two distinct areas. The north of the creek is called Deira, while the south part is known as Bur Dubai. In addition, Abu Dhabi lies in the south, Upper Pur and Oman’s Sultanate lies in the city’s southeast side. Although Dubai has a small layout and location, but is filled with many knowledge and actions and has made the city beautiful. 

Where to Stay in Dubai

If you’re on a pleasure trip staying in and around Dubai Metro hotels can help as much enroute can be guarded. The prices are all right for traveling by Metro. Taxi levels are elevated. Lower end hotels are in the commercial hub of Deira. Living in Bur Dubai is more important to heading to the city center (New Dubai) like Burj Khalifa etc. It will be expensive to live in the city center. Tourists usually live in Bur Dubai / Deira and fly by subway. Here we suggested some hotels and you can find the best hotels in Dubai for your next trip.

If you need to see traditional heritage places they’re mostly around Bur Dubai and Deira where you can see the Spice market, traditional shopping, Dubai museum, gold souk, etc. all built-in traditional architecture.

Some of the best hotels include Lotus Grand Hotel, Palm Hotel Spa, Grand Excelsior Hotel Deira and At the Top Hotel. Each of them rates over 4.0 on hotel rating levels with prices of less than $50.

You can find some best casino hotels in Dubai for casino lovers.

Where to Eat in Dubai

There are many good places to eat in Dubai for visitors can explore international Cuisine. For the restaurants, some good ones include Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant, The Talk Restaurant, and Maiden Shanghai.

Tour Packages and guides

Getting around the town is important but if you are not properly guided, you will lose sight of the real fun attached to the city. The packages include activities that will last for at least 4-6 days, depending on your package plan. Some of the packages include shopping festival access, discover Dubai plans, Best of Dubai adventure as well as Desert Safari trips. The prices are quite affordable and rated between $150-$300 which can be budgeted for by any tourist, couple or family.

Events and Activities

The city of Dubai is currently known as the focal point of the world. A city that probably has the largest high rises on the planet and is practically associated with making 20% ​​of the world’s cranes new, yet holds the largest piece of its natural life. Dubai is a city that warmly and lovingly respects each of its tourists. Regardless of whether they are people eating at the world’s richest 7-star hotel or love to use the average part of the city, the treatment is the same. Dubai continues to build on its underlying foundation even today, when it is one of the most built urban communities in the world and still tireless, it has protected its most experienced neighborhoods. Whether it is the free Jumeira Beach or the best on the planet private retreat, Dubai makes no error in making every one of its visitors feel comfortable.

Dubai Shopping Festival attracts many tourists from all over the world. The fury of the festival is that Dubai, which typically records around 80 million more passengers, sees more than 50 million in the multi-month range of the Dubai Shopping Festival. Other activities include taking pictures, eating bibik specials and finally Desert Safari Red Dunes.

Best time to visit Dubai

In terms of climate, Dubai has a hot desert climate, especially because it is in the middle east but summers in Dubai are generally hot and humid. The summer comes with an average high temperature of approximately 41 degrees celsius while winters are comparatively cool with an average high of 24 degrees celsius.

Being a desert, Dubai is very hot during the summers, so ideally the best time to visit in winter months. Months from November to March are ideal to visit this country as you can get decent prices on everything. While December – February months are considered as peak season when Dubai faces heavy tourist traffic. 

Interesting facts about Dubai

  1. Ferrari World is the first and only Ferrari-branded theme park and the largest indoor theme park in the world.
  2. The crime rate in Dubai is almost Zero Percent. The Dubai police fleet includes a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, etc. These cars allow them to catch speeding drivers who can outrun other cars.
  3. In addition to its business and tourism values, it is regarded as a significant worldwide vehicle center point for travelers, families, couples, and tourists. 

What’s Next

Generally, Dubai has all it takes to host any level of tourist regardless of your functions ranging from chilling, resting, parties and even business functions. In short, it is as beautiful as being portrayed.

The next place is Istanbul on our list where two continents meet. There is a lot to unearth in Istanbul, including its rich history and culture, stunning landscapes and structures.

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