haunted places of world

Haunted Places in the World

Halloween is always associated with ghost stories. You must have heard about the spirits wandering in the long halls of some famous British castles. Then again, there are stories about cruise ship murders and UFO sightings. You’re bound to come across a few haunted sites wherever you go now, and the ghost tours even back some of these. Few of these spooky locations are worth paying a visit even when you aren’t inclined towards paranormal activities. You must check out a few of these scariest places on earth and global hotspots in the pursuit of fascinating histories, exquisite locations, and elegant architecture.

Find Out the Most Haunted Places in the World:

1. Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England

Raynham Hall looks very charming among all other Norfolk estates. It occupies about 7000 acres of area and was constructed around 1620. Several ghost stories and legends are associated with this historic building as it happens with similar other structures. Several 18th-century stories concerning Lady Dorothy Townshend have already been known to the visitors of this place. Viscount “turnip” Townshend, the husband of Dorothy had resided with her in the Raynham Hall; it’s believed that her husband had kept her hidden inside a room. A photo of Dolly that was shot in the 1930s is considered to have “proven” that she’s haunting the estate. The present resident of the house, Lord Charles Raynham has claimed that no photographer has ever proven it to be false. let’s see the next scariest place on earth.

2. Poveglia Island, Venice Italy

Poveglia Island is pretty near to the canals of Venice. It has been an insane asylum of the early 20th century. The army of Napoleon used it for storing weapons and was even used by the bubonic plague victims as their quarantine zone. The medical experiments carried out within the asylum were quite horrific. The bell tower of the institution had even witnessed a doctor throwing himself off it marking an end to keeping the place open for public viewing.

Although the bells have been removed a few decades before, the island is still known for the echoing chimes that are often known to be heard by the locals. While passing from the beaches of Lido you’ll catch a glimpse of this island, although it’s not legal to visit the place.

3. Bhangarh Fort, India

The lush ruins of Bhangarh Fort turn you more curious when you’re touring the desert landscape of Rajasthan. You’ll reach this fort when you move about 100 miles in a southwestern direction from Delhi. The story revolves around a princess who rebuffed the advanced of a disgruntled sorcerer and allegedly got cursed. That’s probably the reason why the oasis still proves uninhabited for to be so long. Among visitors that are more inclined towards spiritual activities than the paranormal ones, it’s an ideal place for a pre-dusk yoga session.

4. Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-under-Edge, England

A good number of spirits are reported to be present in the Ancient Ram Inn of England. The pagan burial ground of the 12th-century lays the foundation of the Ram Inn. It’s widely believed that about 20 visitors from the otherworld haunt this inn. Guests are known to be escaping through the windows when they witness an incubus, a tall priestess, and a few ghostly children. 

5. Port Arthur, Australia

The Port Arthur had begun its operation in 1833 in the form of a penal colony. Abandoned in 1877, Port Arthur was used for housing the British convicts. It served towards rectifying the morality of the inmates by compelling them to attend the church services mandatorily and by using solitary confinement and other methods. The year 1979 saw the place being registered officially as a historical site and it remained open to curious visitors since it got abandoned. Both for the trained guides and children, it turns out to be an interactive and fiery experience. The port has an open-air museum alongside the ruins that make it worthy of Ghost tours. Then again, you also have the opportunity to visit the “Isle of the Dead,” an island that keeps the corpses of the dead convicts beneath unnamed graves.

6. The Queen Mary, Long Beach, California

The RMS Queen Mary had served as a luxury liner between 1936 and 1967. Before that, it had served as a World War II ship for a small period.  Till that time it had witnessed the drowning of children, death of a sailor when a door in the engine room crushed him, and another murder. In the year 1967, the ship was sold to the city of Long Beach, and it became a hotel, which the boarders use even today. However, the place is known to have remained haunted for quite some time. Many of the visitors have reported paranormal activities taking place within the engine room of the ship.

7. Burg Wolfsegg, Wolfsegg, Germany

Burg Wolfsegg has a pretty dark haunting history. This 800-year old castle stands at the Wolfsegg municipality in Germany. Considered to be one of Europe’s most haunted places, the castle gains much attention due to the ghost of the “White Woman.” Visitors get scared while passing through this place. A lady named “Klara von Helfenstein” is rumored to have been killed by her husband after he discovered how she cheated on him. Her spirit is believed to be visiting this castle turning it into a scary house for visitors. Wolfsegg is also known for its enormous cave, which remains a mystery since a portion of it has only been discovered to date. Some visitors hear strange sounds coming out of the cave.

8. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

One of the most haunted places in Scotland is a huge attraction for tourists visiting the capital city. Every year, the castle witnesses a high influx of visitors through the ancient dungeons of the historic fortress, portions of which are dating back over 900 years. A good number of visitors are known to have sighted colonial prisoners that were held captive during the American Revolutionary War. Sightings of a few French prisoners are noticed besides that of the ghost of a dog that frequents the dog cemetery.

9. The Catacombs, Paris, France

During the spring of 1780, heavy rains struck and uncovered the Les Innocents cemetery thereby causing many rotting corpses to hit an adjacent property. The incident marked the beginning of a long-term project of transporting bodies from various cemeteries to the earlier limestone quarries of Paris. About 6 million bodies were placed in the underground tunnels. The visitors can now witness the presence of bones that are arranged artfully and occupy the subterranean labyrinth by about a mile.

10. Kehoe House, Savannah, Georgia

The Queen Anne brick Mansion stands on the Columbia Square at Savannah. The construction work of the Queen Anne Brick Mansion was over in May 1892. In 1992, it was turned into some bed-and-breakfast, but the guests had reported hearing incredible sounds as if children were playing.

These are just a few of the most haunted places, and the list continues through different corners of the globe. However, it helps when you do some research before paying a visit to any of them.

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