How to get best hotel deal

How To Get The Best Hotel Deal

We all love to travel, and therefore we save for our travel plans. However, the primary factor that contributes to our travel budget is lodging. Hotels can take down your travel budget much quicker than most other holiday expenses. Getting a bit of a discount on our hotels stays is a welcomed idea that we all cherish.  But ‘How to get the best hotel deals’ is an often discussed query between travelers. This article deals with the same query. There is no such fixed method or tool that can help you get the best deal, but there are plenty of ways that can help you save. Here are the tips that can help you save money on your hotel rooms:

1. Check several sites and deals

Do not stick on one single website or deal. The best way to grab a good deal is by getting an overview of the hotels in that area. Also, search for promotion codes, coupons, and perks that will help you get the best deal. At times, if the booking is made using a referral code, then there are more chances to get some discounts on an offer. Another fact to consider is that if you book the hotel from their website, you can surely strike the best deal.  

2. Procrastinate

This one is a little risky, but then at times can get you the best deal. Same-day booking apps help you get deals of about 70% off on the regular rates. Thus if you can wait till the last minute, you can strike a great deal. As these apps are very popular, they have a lot of hotels to choose from. We again say that this trick can be a little risky so you can try this trick while you are on a short trip and there are plenty of accommodations available on that location to be on a safer side.  

3. Stay Notified

While planning a tour, you need not do the complete work of searching the hotels. You can sign up for e-mail notifications from specific websites or apps that will inform you of price fall, and you can go ahead with your reservations. Some sites keep a track of your rate, and if something cheaper pops up after your booking has been made, then they give you a refund. This sounds like a dream, but it’s a reality.

4. Call the hotel Peeps

Call the hotels that you have selected. Ask them for the rates that they are willing to offer and the prices that you have found out at various websites. Compare both the rates and check if they beat that rate and provide you a good discount. As per surveys, it has been found that when you negotiate directly with the hotel, you always strike a better deal. Go ahead if you get a better deal.

5. Try any different area

At times staying in the prime location of the city can cost you more. The rates of properties located in the prime locations of the town are high due to high demand. If you can shift a little away from the prime location that has functional transport connectivity, then you can get the hotel booking at very reasonable rates.

6. Book Blindly

Some apps let you book the hotel at your desired prices. You can choose the star rating and the location, but then these apps don’t reveal the name of the hotel that has been booked by you unless you have made the payments. Thus, if you are lucky enough, you may get a fair deal by playing blind. It has a drawback that as soon as you bid and make the payment, you cannot cancel or change the reservation on seeing the name of the hotel.

7. Use your titles

Senior citizens, students, military people, government employees, gazette officer, or any other such title could also fetch you good discounts on the hotel reservations.  While striking the conversation with the hotel management, check with them if there is any discount available for such titles. If the hotel offers any discount on such a title, then you can easily claim by adding such titles while making your reservation.

Sign in for savings- you can sign up on a hotel or booking website and then claim the discount, as they run special offers for their members. It is the membership that gets you a special discount, once you are done with your stay you can either continue to be their member or sign out. There also some hotels that reward their serious members once they have stayed there for the required number of times. Reward program can also get you some discounts.

How to get the best hotel deals online is not a tough task, but it just requires a bit of your search extinct. Make full use of the above tips and enjoy your trip on a budget.