Things to do in the Philippines

Things to do in the Philippines

Whenever you are in stress and feel that your entire life has messed up. You feel that you are avoiding the entire life and simply need a break to rejuvenate yourself then it is the time to head for a vacation. Traveling in your own country is fun but then at times detaching yourself from your roots for a while gives you a real soothing experience and when you return you are fresh like dew. Therefore it is the time to plan for a foreign trip and relax in a far off land. The idea to head to a foreign land is great but then the world is so big so where exactly should you go is the next big question.

Do you have any idea of where to travel? Well, as your mood is not great so the destination that you travel to must do calm you and for this reason, you need to travel to the Philippines.

 Like other countries, it has its charm and claims about its culture and landscape. One of Asia’s most frequented lands, the Philippines has given all many reasons to visit it again and again. It is made up of 7000 islands. Nature has been cruel towards it. It has 20 active volcanoes and is prone to typhoons and other harsh weathers, still, the land is full of beautiful things with so much to explore. There are myriad of exciting things to do in the Philippines. 

We are convinced that the fun and relaxation you get from these things will overcome your worries and tension. Apart from this, the charm of having fun in a foreign land is unique and should never be missed. So, go through the article this article will give you an insight as to what you can do in this country.

Top things that you can do in the Philippines

1) Visit the Most Famous Waterfalls

Visit the Most Famous Waterfalls

AsikAsik Waterfall the famous waterfalls of the Philippines are located in Almada region is truly wondrous and was not discovered until 2010. Waterfall cascading down a green-covered mountain is a sight to be cherished. The waterfall is mysterious as die to so much of vegetation around it, to know the source of water is not possible.

2) Explore Waterfall Restaurant

Explore-Waterfall-Restaurant in Philippines

Waterfall Restaurant located in the Villa Escudero resort plantation in the Philippines is a man-made the waterfall and not like the former one being a natural one, yet both the waterfalls are stunning. In the waterfall restaurant, there is no shoe policy. The bamboo tables and cook stations are just a foot away from the rush of a waterfall. The guests can lean under the rushing water after their meal is over.

3) Enjoy the Local Food in the Philippines

Enjoy the Local Food in Philippines

If you are in a country like the Philippines, then there is no way that you can miss the delightful and delectable food of this land. If you have not tasted its exotic and delicious dishes then you are truly missing on something.

Therefore simply dig in the top Philippine dishes, which are popular not only among Filipinos but also in the whole world. These dishes are influenced by Chinese, Malay, American, Japanese and Spanish cuisine and therefore will be a treat for your taste buds. Some of the popular dishes include Lichon, Cincinnag, Chicken, Grilled Seafood and meat, which are cooked in peanut sauce. Do not worry; if you want to stick to your regular food and have no interest in trying a new cuisine, there are options of Thai and Indian Cuisines.

4) Explore some mesmerizing sites

Explore some mesmerizing sites

If you are an avid traveler and would want to explore new places then the Philippines, have many options. There are many beautiful places with friendly people around. You can go for the natural landscape as well as for man-made structures that will simply amaze you. One of the most popular is Banu Rice Terrace, which is architecture inspired by Spanish style.

5) Visit the famous Chocolate Hills

Visit the famous Chocolate Hills

Interestingly you can head to the unique Chocolate Hill that makes the Philippines unique and amazing. During the dry season, it appears that thousands of chocolates are protruding from the terrain. These mysterious conical mounds are approximately 1268 individual hills that are high as 400 feet high. There is no geographical explanation as to how the hills appeared but it looks stunning and this makes it mysterious. Therefore, whenever you visit the Philippines, do not forget to visit these places.

6) Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary

Philippine Tarsier and Wildlife Sanctuary

This place is another patch of magic in Philippines forest that has been devoted to protecting the lives of emotionally sensitive species of googly-eyed primates. The forest is dedicated to protecting the lives of these animals as they were kept as pets before the sanctuary and were known to commit suicide by banging head against the tree trunks. One can visit here to see the beauty of this place and these animals but photographs are allowed without flash and one cannot touch them.

7) Hanging Coffins of Sagada

Hanging Coffins of Sagada

There are many wooden coffins that hang from cliffs and caves in the Philippines. The place may be seen to be scary but it is quite a popular tourist attraction in the Philippines. It is a unique burying ritual of this place which is certainly a matter of discussion. The dead bodies are placed in the coffins and then are hung either inside the caves or on the face of the cliffs. Over time the coffins fall from their precarious positions.

8) Travel to Shrine in Black

Travel to Shrine in Black in Philippines

Nazrein Located in the city of Manila, the small Basilica church in the city of Cali Nazrein is one of the finest Roman Catholic churches here. The Philippines believed that there are some miraculous powers in the Black Nazarene or the holy statue of Jesus Christ. Along with the foreigners, there is a crowd of locals who come here only to see a statue and if they are lucky then kiss their feet and then wipe it with the handkerchief. Every year, the statue is paraded through the streets for the feast of the Black Nazarene. The place has spiritual power and provides you calmness and peace of mind.

9) Visit Hinatuan River

Hinatuan River

Another miracle of Philipines is a short stretch of river. This river pops out of the ground to surprise all with its crystal clear water. The Hinatuan River in Mindanao is a flawless saltwater river that flows into the Philippines Sea. It is just 80 feet deep but attracts many travelers here. The locals believe that this river has miraculous powers.

10) Ride in Jeepney Jenny

Ride in Jeepney Jenny

Jeepney Jenny is one of the most popular means of transportation in the Philippines- it is the most often ride used by locals. They are multi-colored and can be seen every time in the Philippines. Apart from being a mode of travel, it is also the national symbol of Filipino. To make it the environment-friendly government has decided to take it under the PUV modernization program.

11) Must go for the traditional spa

Must go for the traditional spa

Many visitors do not want to indulge in the spa, but enjoying a relaxing spa here is the most pampering experience. This is to relax you and provide a different experience about the Philippines, especially if you opt for completely traditional Filipino spa. Do not miss it also because it tells a bit more about the Philippines’s culture and techniques.

12) The super exciting nightlife of Philippines

The super exciting nightlife of Philippines

You can go for the buzzing and exciting nightlife of the Philippines. That is famous all around the world. The locals are fond of performing and there are many karaoke joints across the country where they showcase their talent. Manila and Cebu have a vibrant nightlife and have clubs and bars that are open round the clock.

13) Make some time for shopping

Yes, this is probably one of the first and last things that any foreigner would like to do in the Philippines, and for that, you have to see Manila, it is the Shoppers Paradise of the Philippines. The county is popular for its amazing ancient ornaments, fashion outlets, handicrafts, boutiques, and various other great shopping opportunities. In addition to the Philippines capital Manila, you can examine many other places for a shopping spree but only if you want to find everything at one place and that to of topmost quality, then travel to Manila first. 

Wherever you may head to while on your trip to the Philippines it will amaze you and fill you with happiness and positive vibes, it is a beautiful place with equally beautiful people who are warm and friendly. It has everything that will make you vacation a truly remarkable one has something to offer everyone.

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