Things to do in Glacier National Park

Things to do in Glacier National Park

The Glacier National Park is not an ordinary tourist area that anyone would visit. While exploring some of the best places in the world, we came across the beautiful location in Montana that made our family trip nostalgic. Always take a stop at Visitor Centre if you plan out your family trip there.

If you are planning a trip to Glacier National Park then here are a few things you should do in Glacier National Park.

Pay a visit to Lake McDonald to enjoy the beaches even better

Although enjoying beaches is always wonderful, but when you pay a visit to lake McDonald’s, the trip is going to become nostalgic. The Sand around Lake McDonald is not pure white but has comfortable surroundings to spend your time. Water at Lake McDonald is cold most of the time. However, sometimes, you can jump and dive if the weather is soothing. We would suggest you to a paddleboard or kayak in case you want to make it more enjoyable. This place is serene and this lake is the largest lake in glacier national park.

Visiting the Sun Road

The road is small, but the overall trip to the sun road is delightful. You will love the edges of the Rocky Mountains where you can take beautiful selfies and enjoy the waterfall splashes. There are multiple stopping points At the sun Road where you can spend some time. Once you visit the Logan pass by driving through the sun Road, you need to continue towards the St Mary east side where there are two waterfalls. Subsequently, there is wild Goose Island that is an iconic picture of what were you can enjoy professional or personal level photography.

Enjoy Many Glacier Area

The picturesque view in many Glacier areas is terrific. This region is located on the east side of the park. The Many Glacier area also has some hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy some great food and ice cream. If you have been moving all day long at Glacier National Park in Montana, this is probably the best place you can choose for taking some rest.

Whitefish beach and town

Find out a day to relax at yet another beach in Montana. While you move ahead at Glacier National Park, Montana, there is a white fish beach and town where you can rent some Kayak summer to your heart and enjoy at beaches. The water is absolutely cold at Caribbean beach. Therefore, taking a bath over there is not recommended. Move towards the town, and you will find some exotic dinner and the shopping places where you can bag some exceptional goods at very reasonable prices.

Avalanche Lake trail

The Glacier National Park in Montana is amazingly superb. You will always feel like planning your trip to Montana repeatedly after enjoying at Lake National Park. You can also spend your entire day at this place where you don’t have to worry about driving or doing anything else. You need a passport card in case you cross the border. Always take a look where you click pictures. You can hike at waters and lake and enjoy much of adventure at Red Rock Canyon.

Visiting Apgar Nature Center

Apgar Nature Center is nestled between the cedar trees in Apgar village and one of the famous tourist spots here. It is a good starting point to enter at Glacier west. This place is perfect for hiking, camp grounding, and other recreational activities and photography. The park center also features some interactive activities for kids.  It is an ideal spot to stop and enjoy nature’s beauty and rejuvenate yourself. Also, learn more about all the things you’ll see during your day in Glacier National Park. This visitor center also has books stalls for kids and adults and restroom facilities.

Take  a scenic boat ride

There are many Glacier carved lakes in Glacier National Park including Mcdonald Lake, St. Mary Lake, Two Medicine Lake, Josephine Lake, etc. One can take a scenic boat tour in these lakes and enjoy the breathtaking views of this national park.

Learn about the Geology

Most of the  Glacier National ‘Park’s landscapes were formed by glacial activity but other forces and features have also developed some of the fascinating and colorful landscapes. This picturesque geologic evidence from the ancient past will give you a unique learning experience. Some of the notable geologic features you can explore are Glaciers, Hanging Valleys, Belt rock, Lewis, Aretes, etc.

Take Red Bus Tour

If you want to explore the park to the fullest, then consider taking a  ride on the famous Red Buses. Touring on one of these Red Buses is like a tradition. You will have more like a guided tour and get more insight into the parks, perhaps some folktales too. If you are traveling alone, then you should not miss the red bus tour.

Go for Hiking

This park offers hiking of all levels. If you love hiking and a bit of adventure, then there are some perfect spots where you can go and enjoy the hiking experience.

Stroll: if you love to stroll, then there is a perfect place for you at Trail of the Cedars. It is a short loop hike which is even less than a mile and passes through an old cedar forest.  It is one of the two-wheeler chair and stroller accessible trails in the park.

Moderate Hike: Go to  Avalanche Lake for a moderate Hike. It is just a 4 .5 Miles round trip and an elevation of 730 ft.  

Strenuous Hike: if you want to seek some adventure then go for Cracker Lake Hike which is around 12.6 round trip and 1400 ft elevation gain.  Another challenging hike is Iceberg Lake, which is a roughly 10-mile Hike. It begins from the swift current lake and has stunning views of Mount Wilbur, Iceberg Peak, and ice-filled lakes. The Iceberg trail is very popular among the experience hike