Best things to do in boston

Top things to do in Boston

Boston is one of the top cities of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a worth visit town in England. This city has many important things to visit to earn experience and enjoyment at the same time. So, if one wants to dive into the travel flow in exploring Boston as a city with various dimensions, it is necessary to follow a detailed travel guide. Otherwise, one might miss a bit of it and this is never expected from a travel freak. A travel guide must include must-visit places, the best things to do in Boston, the best guide for food and drink and so on.

Boston is one of the historical cities in the world and there are so many things to see related to it. It is very much exciting for a traveler to enlist stuff to do in Boston. A visit to this glamourous city will be a treasure for any traveler for a lifetime pleasure. Find the best hotels in Boston to visit and things to do in the city.

Some top places are one of the best things to do in Boston. These places can be filtered in two ways: top places and some places to go in Boston. 

Top places worth a visit 

Massachusetts’ capital, Boston was founded in 1630. It is a beautiful and famed for the historical role it has in the American Revolution. This city is a nest of Harvard Medical and Business Schools, Berkeley College of Music, MIT, Boston University, the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Tufts University.

Fenway Park

It is a famous place for Red Box in Boston. It is the oldest and the most famous Ball Park for Major League Baseball. This has a capacity for the seat of 40,000 spectators. This park has baseball, hockey, and soccer exploring options for spectators. This place has a visitors’ clubhouse, press room, the stadium of course and seats on top of the ‘Green Monster’.

Museum of Fine Arts

Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is one of North America’s largest and famous homes to art with 450,000 works of art. A visit to this large museum needs a good long time to explore along with minute details to be noted simultaneously. This spectacular museum is a hub of painting collections of French Impressionist and also includes Classical collections. There are sculptures of the Villa of the Contrado Bottaro.

Boston Public Garden

This is one of the fun places in Boston. This beautiful and adorned public was established back in 1634 and got modified during the Victorian Age. This garden exhibits almost 80 species of plants around the city. From the exotic collection of various kinds of plants to vibrant floral trees- there is every kinda botanic presentation on can look for. Swan boats are a special attraction to visit this place for once in a lifetime.

Tea and Party Ships and Museum

One will have to see it as it is a floating museum and famous in the world for a unique appearance. It exhibits interactive things to be explored by visitors and restores on tea ships. This museum contains many documentaries for a detailed specification of incidents which are undoubtedly historical It also comes with a well-decorated gift shop and curator to guide people coming from a different end of the world.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library

This museum is dedicated to John F. Kennedy. The library shows off this famous historical man’s unparalleled leadership along with legacy. This place is an illustration of the type of President’s office. The well-constructed building was built to look over the President’s favorite Boston. This place also offers some important photos, artifacts, and documents to be noted.

Samuel Adam’s Brewery

Boston activities also include this fun place which is an exceptional part of one’s tours. Though this place is preferred to be visited by adults, it is one of the fun places in Boston. This is one of the exciting things to do in Boston also. One can learn how to brew and traditionally know about the history of brewing. It also provides an opportunity to sample fifteen to twenty stouts and beers. This place offers a seamless visiting experience even disabled people as it offers a wheelchair.

Museum of Science

A visit to this place is one of the best things to do in Boston. It covers 700 interactive exhibits also offers a live presentation for showing all over the building. This a landmark of not only Boston but also Massachusetts. The Mugar Omni Theatre, as well as the Charles Hayden Planetarium, is the best part to visit. It is an appropriate place for arranging a tour from any kids’ organization as it will be interesting or them to learn. In the association of zoos along with aquariums, it is a hub for over 100 rehabilitated animals and some of these are rescued. It also offers a cafeteria for refreshments.

Boston Common

Boston Common is a central public park located in downtown Boston. It is one of the oldest city parks on the planet. This place covers 50 acres of land and bounded by Tremont Street, Park Street, Beacon Street, Boylston Street, and Charles Street. It offers visitors to see the burial sites of Gilbert Stuart, William Billings, Samuel Sprague, and Charles Sprague. This is a landmark in Boston.

Visit these places for delectable foods and drinks in Boston

Ocean Prime

This is an exquisite choice of restaurant in Boston or the best foods and drinks on a foodie’s dinner table. They are specialists in seafood, steaks and unbelievable presentation of cocktails. It is located at 140, Seaport Boulevard.

District Hall 

This a concept of place with a hub kind of area combining cafeteria, brewing corners and restaurants in the same thread. This area is a place where one can enjoy food and drink together and select over many premium options available.


This food corner serves healthy options of menu like salads, veggies and many more. This is one of the most visited food chains in Boston.

Temazcal Tequila Cantina 

Good news for Mexican foodies! This a must-visit place for a platter of Mexican cuisine with a waterfront view. Margarita lovers are going to enjoy over being in this place. 

Harpoon Brewery

This brewery shop offers customized drinks and beers for customers.

Exciting things to do in Boston

Greenway Art Walk

This is a 15-acre-long park that will quench the thirst of artists with some temporary art exhibitions. Different types of water fountains and sculptures to see here for at least once in a lifetime.

The Harbor Islands

One can choose a ferry to travel to four Harbor Islands named Bumpkin, Lovells, Grape, and Peddocks. Lovells offers a private swimming beach. Each island has optimum choices of picnic spot and recreation areas. One can move beyond Boston traffic in such away.

Water Taxi

Traveling by sea is possible with a water taxi here. This is a call and gets boat service which transports on the sea. Logan Airport is the central destination. One can also go to East Boston, North End, Charlestown.

Golf in Franklin Park

One can get the staff service along with enjoying golf playing. There are ample services of bars, restaurants, and the cafeteria in this area. 

Jamaica Pond

Jamaica pond area is a wonderful place for adventure lovers and one can opt for dinner too here.

Coit Observatory

Every Wednesday night, the Boston University Coit Observatory offers an opportunity for the public for some rooftop constellation observation and stargazing.

Night Biking

A nocturnal tour through Boston city is possible with night biking. One can travel to Long Wharf and the Institute of Contemporary Art and halt for a dinner on roadside food-corners.

Boston Trolley of the Doomed

It is a nighttime adventure for haunted feeling and scary thrills for visitors. Guests are allowed to learn about Ephraim Littlefield’s related to black-market body trading. It shows the Charnel House which is thought to be a nest of forgotten souls.

Some more things to do in Boston

A thirsty traveler can never be satisfied with regular and usual visits to popular places in any tourist spot. So, Boston is no exception to this. These kinds of places and incidents are mentioned over here.

Boston Ballet

Ballet shows with Giselle attract the people with love for watching ballet shows.

Visit Phineas Gage’s Skull

Phineas P.Gage was a railway foreman who survived an accident on his scull miraculously. His skull is on display till the date.

Harvard Bridge

A history freak traveler will be excited to visit the Harvard bridge. It helps to remember Harry Houdini’s most famous photograph with chained arms just before jumping into the river.

Newbury Street

This shopping arena offers the opportunity to splurge. No visitor has never been to this shopping hub while visiting Boston.

Prudential Centre

This is one of the most popular malls on the East Coast and worth a visit.

Harvard square

This is the place for diving into splurging for an elegant shopper. 

Segway tour of Boston

Take a Segway tour of Boston. It’s limited because there are lots of places you can’t go, but it’s really fun and you see a great deal


Take a duck-tour of Boston. In my opinion, these tours are a total and complete rip-off for the money they charge. They provide very little info and the hook is that they take you into the Charles River for a short jaunt where they tell you next to nothing. But it is “unusual” so if that’s the criteria then I suggest that

River Boat tour

Take the Galleria Mall Charles River Boat tour instead. It leaves from the tony Galleria Mall in Cambridge near the effervescent Kendall Square and it goes all the way up to Magazine Beach, a fair distance. It’s great fun, you get lots of great info, it’s roomy and comfortable (unlike Duck Tours) and there is a full bar on board

Liberty Clipper lunch or dinner

Take Liberty Clipper lunch or dinner cruise. Here you get the opportunity to get drinks and snacks on a working schooner that plies its way under sail through Boston Harbor. On a warm summer night it’s a great way to pass the evening – and quite romantic as well

BHC ferry

Take the BHC ferry to Salem, Ma. It leaves from Aquarium Wharf and takes an hour to go to Salem on the ocean, quite adventurous, and then you can go to the House of the Seven Gables, see witches, get your fortune told or see lots of old-timey things that might be of interest

Take the ferry to George’s Island

Take the ferry to George’s Island or Spectacle Island for a picnic. It’s incredibly cheap and very interesting. If you are seeking something unusual then plan a camping trip on one of the many harbor islands. It will be like being in the middle of nowhere – but when you wake up, you see the skyline of Boston not twenty minutes away by ferry.

Climb Bunker Hill Monument

If you don’t want to do the entire “Freedom Trail”, which is a “usual” thing, then simply climb the exhausting 239 steps to the top of the monument to see out some tiny windows. You get the added benefit of possibly being mugged as the park borders the Charlestown Ghetto on one side while the other side is million-dollar condos.

Take the Fast Ferry to Provincetown

This is one of the best things you can do on a lightning trip to Boston. The ferry takes 90 minutes to get to P-town and you get 4 – 6 hours on the very tip of Cape Cod, something you could never easily do in a car. You have to remember that P-town is different from much of the Cape, more festive and commercial and is a gay enclave but for fun, food and adventure it’s the place to be – and the beaches are spectacular there

Take a free tour of the Boston Public Library

This is so much more than you could realize. To me, its one of the best tours in the city – and it’s free. It takes 60 – 90 minutes and the Library is a museum filled with incredible art and stories. The Gallery showing the epic tale of Sir Galahad, a series of paintings by Abbey, is worth the tour alone but there is so much more there – the famous lions adorning the library in NYC are mere copies of the ones from Boston. And so on. I can’t recommend enough.

Tour of Trinity Church

And if you aren’t toured out after that, take a tour of Trinity Church next door. It’s not “unusual” but it’s right there and the church sits on a massive underwater lake, propped up by piles, that must be checked by a boat in the dark from time to time. You won’t see that on the tour – it’s a big sewer under there, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Various house tours

These are unusual for their content. The Gibson House on Beacon St is the only original remaining Victorian mansion in America. Everything is original from the furniture to the bathroom to the kitchen to the coal-scuttle. For unusual tours that are quite educational, this one is key. The Prescott House, also on Beacon, displays how a rich American Revolutionary War general reworked his mansion so that his daughter could sweep down a broad staircase in her wedding dress while marrying the son of his arch-enemy and nemesis from Bunker Hill – Gage. The two former generals welded their swords together to show their former enmity had passed and they were now family.

Tour of the State House

Take the free tour of the State House and learn about the giant Sacred Cod and the giant pineapple that’s a pine cone sits on top of the gold plated Beacon Hill and how a massive cannon from the Spanish Armada that attacked England ended up on the lawn of the State House in Boston. I once found a policeman’s gun in the restroom there which is quite ironic when you think about it.

Visit Independence Wharf

Go to Independence Wharf and go to the free observation deck on the 14th Floor. Very few people know about this unusual place and it gives a remarkable view of the city, the harbor and fan pier. Since no one goes up there, it’s a great place to steal a kiss or cop a feel. I love it up there and go frequently.

Take a TAZO chocolate factory tour

Boston was once a world-renowned chocolate making center. Milk chocolate the way we eat it here was invented in 1793 by Walter Baker who had massive “Willy Wonka” like factory here till the mid-60s. There are still remnants of that past and the TAZO tour is one of them.

Go to the Custom House observation deck

This is one of the most unusual and enjoyable things you can do in Boston. The Customs House is a timeshare now owned by Marriot but they open the observation deck once a day at exactly 2 PM for 3 dollars. It is an outside observation deck, gives you a 360-degree view and its beautiful. You can even see hawks up there feeding their young from time to time. Highly recommended.

Take a ride on the swan boats

This is not that unusual, lots of people do it, but it’s cheap and it’s relaxing and I tell everyone who comes to Boston to give it a whirl. You can walk through the Public Garden and go into the Arlington Street Church afterward – it has the biggest collection of Tiffany Stained Glass in the world in the windows and when the light strikes it, it’s magical. The church is almost always locked but if you know at the parsonage door they will let you into the church. If you are nice they will let you into the tower, and that truly is unusual.

Visit the Old Schwamb Mill

Visit the Old Schwamb Mill in Arlington, MA. It’s the oldest continuously operating factory in the world and makes all the oval frames used in the White House for portraits of the Presidents, using the same ancient tools. If you want to see something unusual, then that is a tour for you.


Visit the Liberty Hotel for a drink. It’s built-in the former Charles Street Jail and it’s very pricey but it’s worth a visit for a drink.

Sailboat ride

Take a sailboat ride from the Community Boating wharf on Storrow Drive. Here, children and adults are taught to sail in a 14 foot Mercury sailboat for next to nothing and you can take a ride -for free – with any one of the children or adults who will let you come aboard. Sail the Charles River Basin on a warm afternoon. There’s nothing better for making you feel relaxed and at peace with the world. These is the best things to do in Boston with kids.

Water taxi

Take the water taxi from the Aquarium to the Charlestown Navy Yard. There’s nowhere else you’re going to get a boat cruise of the harbor for 2 dollars then gets to walk around the navy yard museum for free. The USS Constitution is there (hard to get on, not very unusual but very patriotic) and an old WW2 destroyer, the Cassin Young, which you can tour.

Graveyards and Ghosts tour

Take the “Graveyards and Ghosts” tour from Old Town Trolley. Leaves from the same place and takes you to unusual locations like the birthplace of Edgar Allen Poe. It’s a variation of the Old Towne Trolley tour and just a little more unusual than the average tour.

Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park

Put on a swimsuit and get wet in the many fountains along the Greenway, culminating in the fountains of Chris Columbus Park in the North End. Afterward, walk into the North End for a cappuccino and sambuca. Not unusual, I know, but still fun.

Climb Blue Hills

Climb Blue Hills to the oldest weather observatory in America, where all the weather for Boston is measured and reported. You can even go to the roof of the old castle and see “how the weather is made”. The view is great, the climb is fun and easy and only takes about 20 minutes and you’re only about 30 minutes from downtown. Massachusetts is an old Indian word for “Great Blue Hills”.

Well, there are many other things to do and some of the unusual but they are also one-offs and may not be of interest so I will leave this list best of things to do in Boston here for now. If I think of more things I will let you know. You are welcome to suggest.