The Best Time To Visit Costa Rica

The Best Time To Visit Costa Rica

When it comes to visiting Costa Rica the first question that comes to mind is which is the best time to visit Costa Rica. Costa Rica, a small Central American nation is one of the best answers for those who find a place for adventure, rain forest hiking, and sun on the beach, surfing, and exciting seafood. This place has something for everyone and the best time of year to visit Costa Rica depends on what reason you are planning your trip. Here we have presented a variety of options for you to choose the best time for you to visit Costa Rica.

The Perfect Time of the Year to Take a Tour in Costa Rica

As mentioned before, various travelers from different parts of the world come to this exotic place for various reasons. While some come for cloudless skies or cheap flights, some come for warm waters and to spot wildlife. Here is the answer to the vital question: what is the best time to visit Costa Rica based on reasons, months, peak seasons, and the weather in Costa Rica.

The Best Months to Visit Costa Rica for Those Who Love Surfing

If you are a daring surf lover then September and October will be the best option for you to visit Costa Rican Pacific Coast. This place is one of the most attractive surfing places for surfers worldwide. But if you are a beginner in this field of surfing then March or April will be best for you as the waves remain tame while humidity and temperatures rise in the Nicoya Peninsula.

The Best Time of Year to Visit Costa Rica for Birding

Dry season that is the time between November to April is best for those to visit Costa Rica who find pleasure and extreme love for bird-watching. Due to less rain, this is the best time to sport resident birds of this country and there is a huge chance of hearing the singing of these birds now and then. If someone feels more attraction to migratory birds then September to November is the best time to visit Costa Rica. However, if you want to get a glimpse of the famed quetzal in cloud forests then the dry season is the best time of year to visit Costa Rica.

Best Time to Visit Cloud Forests, Wildlife Spotting and Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

If you want to take pleasure in getting the opportunity to see a magical sight of the most popular cloud forest of Costa Rica that is Monteverde then it is best to avoid the wet season. It would be best for you to visit places like Cahuita National Park, one of the most important National Parks of this country and Puerto Viejo to watch pleasant sprawling coral reefs and eclectic town for surfers. You can catch a glimpse of leatherback turtles during April and May while the high season for Sea turtles is the time between February and October. 

It is worth mentioning here that high season to visit Costa Rica deals with winter while people from cold areas such as Europe and the United States come to get the pleasure of this country. Hotel prices along with travel expenses and airfare are quite high at peak seasons and you can save your money at low season and can reach Costa Rica at an affordable price. 

Best Season to visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica has two seasons called “Invierno” and “Verano” by the Costarricense. Verano is the summer season and is distinguished by little or no rainfall. Invierno or winter starts with the seasonal rains that began a pattern in April or May and last until December. The rains seldom occur in the morning and in some places you can plan your summer day around a 2: 00-afternoon shower. I prefer the rainy season with its afternoon rain to the almost dull repetition of sunny fair weather. The first months of Verano (December, January, February) are considered the high season by the tourist industry and hotel prices are higher.

October and November tend to be the rainiest months and do cause the only problem with traveling in Costa Rica. These daily rains produce landslides that can fill a road with part of a mountain or undercut the road sending the highway into an adjacent river; the locals call them derrumbes. The truth is that you can come anytime and enjoy what this country has to offer. The best way to experience the country is to stay away from the all-inclusive resorts; the country has much more to offer, Pick any location here and explore. Ride a bus, take a taxi (here taxis are cheap) practice your Spanish skills with the locals. In Costa Rica, a friendly smile and saying “hola” will put you in a good light with the people here.

The best time to visit Costa Rica is from December to April!

Avoid the first 15 days of December as occasional rains are common. It has only 2 seasons – dry and rainy. You will get detailed information about when to visit Costa Rica. Let me give you a brief idea about these seasons so that you will be able to plan your vacation easily

Dry Season (mid-December to April) – Ideal for visiting Costa Rica

Surfing! That’s why you must go to Costa Rica during the dry season! But, keep in mind that great weather means more tourists and that ultimately means expensive flights and hotels. You will have to book everything in advance and still have to be ready to pay extra for activities. Of course, you can also check some of the best things to do in Costa Rica that are free!

Rainy Season (May to November) – Best for budget-travellers

Visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season means witnessing such beauty everywhere! I would say avoid the months of September and October as the rainy season is at its peak. Try to plan your Costa Rica vacation during May as it is just the start of rains, June as rainforest transforms into a lush green paradise, and July as mornings are heavenly. The hotel rates and flight tickets are lower during these months.

A couple of things to keep in mind – Areas around the Caribbean Sea coast and Northern Plains are highly humid whereas North Pacific areas experience less humidity. It is Costa Rica, it may rain even in January (don’t worry, chances are very very thin.)

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