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Shanghai City Information and Travel Guide


Shanghai is one of the four regions of the People’s Republic of China. It is positioned in the southern estuary of the Yangtze. Shanghai is a worldwide community for money, advancement, and transportation. Also, the Port of Shanghai is the world’s busiest container port for importation and exportation.

Shanghai has been a fishing and market town for a long time but they developed insignificance in the nineteenth century because of trade issues and its ideal port location. The city is also the home of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, one of the biggest stock trades on the planet by market capitalization, and the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone which is the first in China.

In China, Shanghai is being regarded as the “masterpiece” of the blasting economy of China. The city is renowned for its Lujiazui skyline, exhibition halls, museums, and iconic buildings, including many architectural styles such as Art Deco and shikumen. Shanghai is additionally known for its sugary cooking and specific tongue and Shanghainese. Other intriguing properties are explained under the following topic.


Shanghai is the largest city in China and its heart is the Bund, a renowned waterfront promenade lined with decent structures. Shanghai’s topography is reflected through the East China Sea through its position on the Yangtze River Delta on China’s east coast, and its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The city has numerous waterways and lakes and is known for its rich water assets, beaches, riverside area, and warm atmosphere. The architecture styles in Shanghai are of various levels and it varies from building to building and has a good impact on the layout of the city. The layout and location are specially crafted to enjoy the atmosphere both as a dweller and tourist.

Where to stay in Shanghai

As much as Shanghai has an aura they create for tourists, there is a level they have attained in accommodation and restaurant options that will be available for anyone that has a budget either on the low-side or high-side. The best area to stay in Shanghai is Xujiahui. One can easily find good hotels and accommodations in this area. Another big recommendation is the south of the former French concession, around Jiaotong University where many suitable and affordable accommodations can be found. If commuting is not an issue, you can try finding something near Jing’An temple or Changshu Road station. It’s in the middle of everything, and there is some nice accommodation to stay in Shanghai.

Where to eat in Shanghai

For the restaurants, some of the options include Lost Heaven, M on the Bund, Jesse Restaurant, The Commune Social, Jia Jia Tang Bao, and Garlic Restaurant. For the hotels, the best of them include Ibis Shanghai Lianyang, Holiday Inn Express Shanghai Zhabei and GreenTree inn Shanghai Pudong. Each of these options for hotels and restaurants is rated best in the city with good rates and offers.

Tour Packages and Guides

Getting around the city requires a guide especially because the city is filled with different parts that may be confusing to a tourist. But the guide can uncomplicate issues by taking you to required places either for a private or collective tour. Also, the tour packages will include guides, taxis, and fares around the city. Some of the offers last 3-5 days and some of the major activities require visitation of museums, the Bund and cruising the Huangpu River. The rates are less than $500 for private treatment and will cover other little incentives.

Things to do in Shanghai

Some very interesting activities include taking pictures at required areas at least for the capture of moments. Other activities include taking the Bird’s eye view from the skyscrapers, discover Shanghai’s old town, Try local soup dumplings from Jia Jia Tang Bao restaurant and finally go use the roller coaster. It is all these activities that tell how well the tourists enjoyed the area at the time of visitation.

Best time to visit in Shanghai

Spring or Autumn is the best time. Even though Shanghai is not super cold in winter but it is a type of wet cold meaning it feels much colder than what the temperature would suggest. Same for summer, the humidity makes it 10 degrees hotter than what the temperature would suggest.

Interesting Facts about Shanghai

  1. Shanghai is a world finance and cultural center in itself. 
  2. With a population rate of over 20 million starting in 2018, it is the most crowded urban zone in China and the second most crowded city on the planet.
  3. The famous Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world. 
  4. Shanghai’s food is much sweeter than other food in china. 
  5. Shanghai has some of the world’s most impressive skylines and has more than 1000 skyscrapers.

What’s next

Shanghai has many things to offer as an ideal Asian tourist location. It has a long history and a gateway to China. Being an ancient cultural center of China along with its modernity, Shanghai doesn’t fail to impress its visitors in any way. Next on our list is Seoul where visitors can find much more than they can expect.

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