Romantic Things to do in Los Angeles

Romantic Things to do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city with diverse wonders in entertainment, fun, history, and tourism. The city is designed to host different people from diverse walks of life and most importantly people that have decided to take some time off the regular work time. For tourists, individuals and couples that intend to enjoy the best of their holidays or vacation then Los Angeles is one of the best choices in the United States.

In the case of couples, they are driven to get engaged with intense romantic activities either in celebration of an anniversary, wedding or reconnection time and this has to be done in the best places where optimum experiences can be experienced. Find the best hotels in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles has proven capable of hosting different levels of couples; old and young from different spheres. The city has sites where activities have been drafted out for such purpose at all times of the year ranging from dinner time, bench walks, dancing, clubbing, exotic restaurants and of course other exciting functions. So make your trip magical by going through this article and grab a piece of knowledge about some romantic things to do in Los Angeles.

Romantic Things to do in Los Angeles

Sharing a Dinner With An Outstanding View

The Pacific Ocean make this city to heaven for couples. As a couple, you must spend quality time together to enjoy an intense romantic experience in Los Angeles and having dinner with a nice view at a beach or garden is a good option. While discussions are going on between the couple, they can keep looking at the outside view and make comments then keep enjoying the time spent together. Some of those very exciting restaurants include Yamashiro, Geoffrey’s Malibu and a few others. You can also get arranged an amazing date at El Matador State Beach and spend some quality time with your partner with stunning views of the state beach.

Dancing In a NightClub

Los Angeles is known for many things but most especially the ability to host and provide fun for tourists and couples. Couples that have the move to enjoy a romantic aura can take time to enjoy the nightclub, dance and look at each other do the worst and best dances they know then possibly stroll down out the club back to the hotel for another level of fun. The romantic atmosphere is triggered after having such time at the nightclub.

Taking Garden Strolls

Romantic times are created from relationship and time spent with each other as couples and walking, strolling with intense discussions are part of what is required. In Los Angeles, there are several gardens whereas couples, you could go for a stroll and have a quiet time, chatting and getting closer to each other without being interrupted with the bustle and noise of the home city. Most of the gardens are quiet enough to allow the romantic time to set into an optimum rate for the benefit of both parties. The relevance of strolling can never be overemphasized in enjoying a romantic time in Los Angeles. Some of the best gardens include Huntington Library and botanical gardens in San Marino and it offers more than 120 landscaped acres and many themed gardens as well.

Visit Disneyland For A Day Of Magic

In Los Angeles, Disneyland is one of the most attractive locations available for tourists and visitors. It is believed that a time there is a time of magical experiences with the level of entertainment available for visitors. As couples, a romantic time is always created here by just taking time out to enjoy the day of Magic while you observe reactions and make jokes out of it. It gives the feeling of intimacy and fun without feeling affected by external issues and concerns. Although, you may think that Disneyland is all about kids and cartoons but there are spots where you could have an intimate tie to kiss and look at each other to have a good time.

Nightlife Engagement

Nightlife is believed to be the best time of the day in any interesting city and Los Angeles is no different from an interesting city with fabulous locations. As couples, there are a few things you can engage with at night and they include visiting the Cicada Club where throwback of good music and dance is performed then the electric dusk drive-in where you can be part of going down memory lane to the old classic ways of a drive-in movie in a car then finally the Greek theatre where you can enjoy pure music performed by world-class artists and performers.

Hollywood Tours

Hollywood is an interesting location with different levels of information as regards the whole industry but visiting there as a couple is way more interesting. Touring Hollywood is an outstanding choice when considering romantic activities in Los Angeles where both of you will have a chance to be part of something that is moving the world. This place is ideal for taking pictures and worth spending some time with your special one in the amazing settings.

Enjoy Views From the LA Hall Observation Deck

The intimate time of couples is imperative to creating a very interesting romantic aura and this can be created from the observation deck. As couples, you should take time to observe views from that height of about a thousand feet from the city and also a 360-degree view of downtown. The views are and you could take pictures as well to preserve the memories and keep the aura even after the romantic time-out in the city. It is advisable to go there at sunset when it has the best views.

Visiting Queen Mary

Queen Mary is a long beach located at the heart of Los Angeles. It is the zone of ultimate merriment for young couples owing to the exclusive ambiance which covers multi-cuisine restaurants, various salons, pubs featuring live music.

Visiting The Zoo and Botanical Gardens

The zoo and botanical gardens are regarded as one of the best places to see animal and plant life and as well collect thoughts on how to enjoy a better moment as a couple. Romantic activities entail many things but entail quietness and intimacy, and this is completely a platform to enjoy such an atmosphere.

Visiting Santa Monica Pier

This is one of the luxurious places of visit in la-la land located beside the Santa Monica Mountains. It is one of the iconic places for couples to fool around which makes it one of the best spots. Several fun-loving events make this place very much frenzy for couples. So if you are a first time visitor, then the Pacific Park is a must-visit. You will get an eye-soothing scenic view while rambling through long beach beside the Colorado revenue to reach this place. Also, take a ride on the ferry’s wheel in this amusement park.

It will give you a brief insight into the era where steamships appear to be the best way to travel.

Learning Something Together

As couples aiming to have a good romantic time, it is advisable to learn something for a short time there. You could take classes in dancing, ax throwing, cooking, and several other things. It will give you time to take full advantage of the city as well as enjoy time together.

Going to Griffith Observatory

If you are looking for a paradise out there in Los Angeles then this is the perfect place. This is one of the top attractions of South California. It presents in front of you the entire sky and the surrounding universe. The Griffith Observatory is situated 1,134 meters above sea level and now you are all caught up with the picturesque view of Los Angeles.

If you are up for a romantic trip, then look no further. This is one of the most iconic landmarks in this city which offers you a public telescope to gaze at the sky.

The entry to this Griffith Park is absolutely free of cost and it remains open till 10 PM on weekdays. This is also applicable in weekends as well.


Generally, romantic activities are diverse, especially in Los Angeles but as couples, a few activities properly done can trigger time of entertainment, fun, and intimacy.

Now, you have a comprehensive idea about the must-visit places in Los Angeles for your honeymoon. The locations mentioned will surely enlighten you about the romantic things to do in Los Angeles.

These romantic places might be dreamy but they appear for real. It is needless to mention that while you are traveling, taking a break from the daily routine is fun-loving. So plan your trip accordingly and en route to Los Angeles.

Please carry a few extra clothes in case if you want to visit some more places and extend your trip.