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Top Tourist Attractions in Bangkok

By having its population of 9 million people, Bangkok is in the club of the biggest cities in the world. The tourists may not feel very comfortable here due to the biggest problem of traffic jams and the nightlife here can also a cause of the problem to the conservative visitors. 

Though, the first impression isn’t always the best one. This city is paradise right here on the earth for shopaholics. However, the nightlife here is also one of the top tourist attractions in Bangkok. While you are visiting Bangkok, you may get very confused on where to stay.

Well, this city provides you a whole range of options like best hotels, resorts, and also high-end luxury hotels. If you are a backpacker or visiting on a low budget, then staying around Khao San can be a very good option.

As this place is located near every attraction and sight-seeing location in Bangkok, you will get the commute very easily without any extra hassle. In Bangkok, you should keep certain things in mind such as bargain heavily. The bargaining funda applies to almost every aspect in Bangkok, even in taxies. The taxi drivers here charge extremely outrageously and they don’t charge you by meter unless you ask them strictly. So, before hiring one, get the price fixed. Check out

What you can do to avoid this experience is to make good use of public transportation. Public transportation includes metro, Skytrains, buses, etc. These modes of transportation are comparatively much lower than in other modes. The taxi drivers or tuk-tuks will give you the excuse that the meter is not working. Using your judgment, you may leave and move forward from such drivers. Another thing which these taxi-drivers do is they claim to be the guide themselves and if you hire them, they will make stops on the jewelry or gem stores. From those stores, their commission is usually always set for bringing in the tourists. Even if you insist them to take you to the destination you told them, they make excuses and try to convince you that the place they are taking you is much better, leave that can immediately and you need not worry as you will get another cab within minutes. 

Due to the traffic condition, the tour of the city can only be best done by tuk-tuks, Skytrain, and metro. For your convenience and hassle-free selection, here is a list of the most popular tourist attractions in Bangkok.

Most Popular Places to Visit in Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok in a Nutshell

The activities like shopping at a very cheap price, Thai massages, best beaches, beautiful and modern architecture, friendly people, great nightlife, the exclusive Thai cuisine, and you have explored Bangkok. As this city is a clothing exporter, shopping automatically becomes one of the best Bangkok tourist attractions. It is recommended that you should take a professional guide for the whole tour so that you can avoid all the hassles like bargaining, taking taxis, purchasing tickets, etc. Hiring a guide will save you so much time, and will help you focus more on the exploration aspect of your visit. You can also plan a trip for 2-3 days to the outskirts of Bangkok to witness Thailand’s countryside as well. There you can take the elephant rides, ox rides in the fields, etc.

1. Grand Palace

This palace was built in 1782 when the capital city was moved from Thonburi to Bangkok. This palace was the residence of the Kings of Thailand until King Ananda died in 1946. Wat Phra Kaew is considered to be the most sacred temple in Thailand is located inside this palace and comes on top of Bangkok’s famous places. This temple is the home to the world-popular Emerald Buddha.

2. Wat Pho

This is the temple of the reclining Buddha. Wat Pho was built in the 15th century and still, its glory is highly maintained. This statue symbolizes the Buddha’s passing and finding Nirvana. It is 46 meters long and has a height of 15 meters. This temple holds the record of having the largest number of Buddha images in Southeast Asia.

3. Wat Arun

Sunset is the best time to be here. The glitters to your exploration will be added if you climb up till the top and see the setting sun in the Chao Praya river. Wat Arun means ‘the temple of the dawn’. This was the same place where the then-new king built his chapel and royal palace.

4. Temple of Golden Buddha

This temple is also one of the best attractions in Bangkok. This temple is known for its sheer luck. Earlier it was the plaster statue but in the 1950s a company bought this land where the temple was for a commercial building. They tried to remove the statue but all the cranes failed to do so. During the process, one crane lifted it but immediately the cord broke and statue fell on the floor. That was a rainy season when the next morning, monks came, they saw something shiny inside the plaster. That rain revealed this 3.5 meter Buddha statue weighing approximately 6 tons made out of pure gold. It is put here in this temple, Wat Traimit, available to visitors for their admiration.

5. Wang Na Palace

This place is also a big tourist attraction. It will take you a full day to explore all the corners of this palace and the national museum which was built alongside it. The government provides English-speaking guides to make you understand what is what because all the labels are being done in only Thai language. The Wang Na Palace was built by King Rama I and still stands as an integral part of the nation’s history.

6. Chatuchak Market

This Chatuchak weekend market is considered to be the largest one in the market. The shoppers can find anything here, from jewelry to Thai silk and cultural symbols. The street food also has its genuine taste and the sellers keep to maintain the hygiene on priority in their mind. Every weekend, approximately 15,000 stalls show up and you can get things at very good prices.

Location: Near Kamphaengpecth Station and a small 5-minute walk from Mochit Skytrain station

7. Damnoen Saduak Market

For satisfying your even more shopping needs, this floating market could be a great place for you. You can book a cab/tuk-tuk to Ratchaburi, which is approximately 2 hours away from Bangkok. However, it’s now just a place to buy fresh food like vegetables and fruits and also you can interact with local food vendors to get more of an authentic feel.

8. Khao San Road

This place also attracts lots of tourists from around the globe. This Khao San Road has many guesthouses, clothing shops, and a vast variety of travelers coming here daily in its market on this road. It’s also a paradise for trekkers to shop from here. Also, there are some Indian cuisine restaurants located in the neighborhoods along with some great hidden treasures in bookstores. Your patience will be deeply tested as it’s a much-crowded place with blasting music.

9. Jim Thompson House

This house belonged to an American Jim Thompson who served till the end of World War II. Now, it is just there as a symbol of the nation’s history. Jim Thompson, at that time, was a reputed figure in the Thai silk industry and was awarded many big awards. Now, his home has been turned into a small museum which is providing a great insight into his life and the history of Thailand.

10. Terminal 21

This place is not any logistics center, but a shopping mall. This mall has many great offerings and you can get things for yourself at very good prices. The mall has also a great ambiance, where each floor is themed in different countries’ iconic places. You entered the mall and here you are in Paris, as you start to go up, you enjoy the ambiance of Tokyo, then red telephone booths meant you’re in London. Istanbul and San Francisco are also themed here.

Some other great shopping malls are situated in Bangkok such as Siam Paragon, which has great shopping brands and cozy cafes.

11. Street food stalls

For fully-exploring Bangkok, you must have to try its street food. There is a wide variety available in food, but mostly for non-vegetarians. The experience of eating there, surrounded by people and extreme heat is just can’t be expressed in words. You have to be there for an actual unforgettable experience.

12. Giant Swing

In the center of the busy square opposite Wat Suthat, is one of Bangkok’s most eye-sighting spots, with a 27-meter-high teak frame of the so-called giant swing. It used to be the center of a religious ceremony held in December every year after the rice harvest. Teams of three balance dangerously on the narrow board and fall “to heaven” 25 meters or more away from the ground, at which point they will attempt to hold a bag of silver coins in their teeth. After several fatal accidents, Raja Ram VII banned the competition in 1932.

13. Safari World and Marine Park:

Safari world is an hour’s drive from Bangkok city; you can easily reach the place by taking a taxi. This is one of the Best Places to Visit in Bangkok. This place is a paradise for kids and animal lovers. Marine park is quite big, so if you are traveling with your child make sure that you bring your pram or hire one in the entrance. Outside food and water is not allowed here.

Safari world has 7 animal shows, and my advice is to pick the one you like and visit the park in the remaining time. If you are a brave soul, don’t forget to click a pic with the tiger cub. To get the most out of this attraction visit it by 9 A.M as you will need a day to go through the park. Buy your tickets online to save some money.

14. Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World:

Sea life aquarium is located in Siam Paragon Mall. The aquarium has a 4D show and a glass boat ride, according to my experience you can skip the 4D show and opt for a shark tank glass boat ride. You can spend around 2-3 hours in this place. The aquarium has a 270-degree underwater tunnel, which gives a great view of sharks and stingrays. They have shark feeding show twice a day, do check out the timings while booking your tickets. Book a combo ticket along with Madame Tussauds wax museum to get the tickets at a better price.


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