Best Places to Travel in the USA in January

The Best Places to Travel in the USA in January

Vacation is one part of human living that triggers peace with some extra advantage to brain advancement. In the United States, vacation is preserved with utmost importance in all parts of the country especially in Florida, Colorado, California, and several other locations. Every month of the year is special when it comes to vacation but the month of January has peculiarities that make it distinct, especially the weather.

In this article, we have listed the best places to visit in January in the United States where tourists can go and start their new year and new year vacation with a fresh vibe. In January, there are special events and occasions that happen across the country. Check the list of the best places to go on vacation in the US in January with complete details.

Best vacation spots in the US

Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, popularly called the City of Angels is one city with a level of attractiveness, the world cannot overlook especially tourists. this is also one of the best destination for honeymoon in the US. The city can be visited at several times of the year but visiting in January has it’s an intriguing advantage as well, especially the weather. Los Angeles has an average temperature of 19 degrees celsius on the high side and 9 degrees celsius on the low side. The city is known for its hosting of several Hollywood styles and some awards like Golden Globe awards. Also, the Disneylands could be visited at this time as well, especially the crowd will be low as few people travel at this time. Some other places that could visit include Universal Studios Hollywood where the big movie industry is themed in an amusement park then the walk of fame location for Hollywood than the beaches which are Zuma Beach, Santa Monica Pier Beach then finally the Original Farmers Market and sunset boulevard. The state accepts people from all functions; media, music, fashion, and several others. This is one of the best US cities to visit in January. Find and book the best hotels in Los Angeles for your trip.

Muir Woods National Monument, California

Muir Woods National Monument, California

In January, California offers a level of fun that is not available in other months and its weather is measured to be an average high temperature of around 14°C and an average low of 8°C. It is not always proper to go to the beach at this time because of the cold but some other hidden spots like cafes and restaurants, Alcatraz prison, Marina views and of course the Golden Gate bridge. Another intriguing location is the Muir Woods National monument. The national monument is the house of greenwood trees that have existed for over 2000 years, hiking activities and other views. The site is open from 8 am till sunset and it cost $15 for 16 years and older and free for people below 16 years. The highlight of the monument is the Redwood trees which grow on brown humus-rich loam which may be gravelly, stony or sandy. Also, flora and animal life are quite intriguing as they include several levels of vegetations, mammals, birds, and fish. The monument receives thousands of visitors per time and is always cool in January. Book your hotels in California.

Bourbon Street

 Bourbon Street

The bourbon street is located in the heart of Louisiana with intriguing characteristics but the weather is quite cold since it’s January. The city has an average high temperature that reaches 17°C and the average low reaches 8°C, making for an extremely pleasant winter destination with plenty of hours of sunshine to enjoy. The street is known for its bars, restaurants, and clubs for nightlife and couple engagements. It is a major tourist attraction in the United States and has attracted over 15 million visitors annually and has raised relevant revenue for New Orleans in Louisiana. Some very good celebrations like the Mardi Gras happens at night with several people from all races on the streets with beers, cocktails, soft drinks and other beverages. In January, there is usually a low number of visitors on the street because of the weather and that makes it the best to visit especially with the bars, jazz clubs, and restaurants. As tourists and visitors, Bourbon Street is a good place to be part of in the United States, at least to do something that’s outside the usual work life. Book now your hotels in New Orleans.

Walt Disney World Resort

Walt Disney World Resort is located in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista. The area has a weather condition of about 22 degrees on a high side and 11 degrees on the low side with a precipitation level of about 18%. The area seems to be calmer in January since a lot of people prefer coming later in the year and this is an advantage as the tourist has the chance to enjoy some peace of nature and quiet for that little time spent there. The hotels around are quite affordable and they cost an average of $348 per night and it is advisable to stay for at least four-nights so to get a full grasp of the place and all its parts. It is a magical attraction site that has large resorts, dining areas, small shops, theme parks with a lot of rides and shows. The most useful asset in the park is the theme park tickets used to access entertainment, shows and several other cool events and the tickets have several plans offers which are based on preference.

Las Vegas -Nevada

The state of Nevada has existed for several years with many functions in fun, tourism, and vacation. The capital city Las Vegas is the most attractive part of the state as it is believed to be where all kinds of fun happen and January is no exception. The weather exists with an average high of 14°C and an average low of 3°C and this will affect the definition of fun for that moment. It encourages visitors to spend more time at the other indoor activities rather than the poolside. Some activities performed in January includes hiking at the red rock canyon, Holiday Magic at the LINQ Promenade, Tour the Hoover Dam, Day trip to the Grand Canyon, Stratosphere Observation Deck then finally the best of all is the Las Vegas Helicopter Tour. There are also shows, sporting events and concerts during this time. January is not the perfect time to visit the state but there is a surety that you will enjoy the quiet experience at this time. Book your Hotels in Las Vegas and enjoy your journey.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach

Miami Beach has been stated to be another intriguing site for visits in January but it is important that every tourist makes it there and be a witness of the natural views that are contained there. The beach is a south Art Deco architectural district with over 800 buildings built between the 1930s and later in the 1940s and it is from these buildings that hotels, shops, and other chilled settings were carved. The nightlife is also a plus to the beauty of the beach especially in January when the weather is between 75 degrees Fahrenheit on the high side and 58 degrees Fahrenheit on the low side. Accommodation is very important but getting the best is imperative especially at this time of the year. The best hotels include Hotel Miami, Lombardy Inn Hotel, Generator Miami and Freehand Miami with rates that are less than $100. The beach includes some parks like Haulover Beach Park, Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, Hobie Beach, Lummus Park, Matheson Hammock Park, and a few others. Each of these parks carries some level of calm aura coupled with the quietness to help every tourist with some level of peace and thinking atmosphere. Also, visit the bayside marketplace near the Miami waterfront which will set your mood apart. Find and Book hotels in Miami Beach .

National Gallery Of Art, Washington

National Gallery Of Art

Washington is known for its beauty and history as it relates to the inception of the United States. One of the very best places to visit in January is the National Gallery of Art, especially because of the weather. Due to the weather level, a quiet and peaceful stroll is encouraged and the gallery of art is the best place to have this time out. The weather is rated an average low of -4°C and frequent snowstorms, but thankfully there’s a lot of great ways to enjoy some level of warmth in these cold times. In the gallery of art, the national monuments can be viewed, some history, exhibitions and other art collections. The site is open seven days a week and free to all visitors that may have an interest in viewing the contents. January has its special traits but it is imperative to enjoy the gallery of art. There are hotels very close to the Monument with good offers in hospitality and rates. Some of the hotels include Muir Woods Lodge, Page Hotel, Casa Loma Hotel, and HI Marin Headlands Hostel but they cost less than $100 per night which is quite cheap since it is January. you can check more hotels in Washington.

In conclusion, places to visit in the USA in January are diverse but the good thing about the month is the weather which is slightly cold and snowy. It is always quiet and peaceful for couples, friends, and families that intend to have a wonderful vacation time.

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