Mountains in Montana

Beautiful Mountains in Montana

The picturesque place of Montana is known as the land of shining mountains. The Rocky Mountains of Montana are known for their flawless beauty and magnificent appearance. Pleasant hiking trails, old-growth forest, snow-capped peaks, and crystal clear Emerald Lakes give some substantial reason to the visitors to plan out a trip at crazy mountains in Montana.

Here is a list of some of the spectacular and stunning mountains of Montana that you should not miss out –

Mountain Grinnell

Mountain Grinnell is located towards the Western side of Glacier National Park between Mt Gould and Mt. Wilbur. It has some of the most exotic and breathtaking views that can fill up the life with a lot of thrill and fun. The area has beautiful wildlife such as grizzly bears and black bears that are naturally lovely.

Holland Peak

You can take a view of Swan Valley that has a beautiful selection of fisheries. Hikers of the mountain never miss out taking selfies at this area. The whole trip is not more than 5 miles long. The total elevation is 5000 feet, which need you too to cross some rough and scrambling trails. From this peak, you can easily take a glimpse of the Bob to the east and the swan valley to the west. This place is undoubtedly worth a visit.

Divide Mountain

Divide Mountain

The highest mountain peak is around 8655 feet. It is situated in the Lewis range of Glacier National Park. It is also a popular hiking destination for beginners and amateur sports person. You can take a view of Saint Mary and the yellow mountain once you are on the top. There are lovely blooming flowers throughout the mountain and large trees that give so much of serenity within. The magnificent vistas of the place make it one of the most widely selected destinations for hiking. This mountain also forms a border between Glacier National Park and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.

Trapper peak

Trapper Peak

The adventurous trapper peak is 10157 feet high. Trapper Peak is located just a few miles away from Darby, Montana trapper peak. People enjoy the captivating vistas of trapper peak that include root mountains, natural aesthetics, and steep slope. There is designated wilderness all around the area of trapper peak Summit. The scenic views are simply stunning and nostalgic in their way.

Triple Divide Peak

Triple divide peak

The triple divide peak is around 8020 Foot located towards the Lewis range. The continental divide running through this mountain generates a Maritime climate with a fantastic diversity of animals and plants. The triple divide means that the water is running down from the sedimentary soil of the mountain and end up in three different oceans, namely Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic.

Rising wolf Mountain


Crazy mountains of Montana have Rising Wolf Mountain that has some of the most amazing views. The hike in around 10 kilometres long and the overall elevation is 4500 feet. The Rocky mountains include the rising was mountain has certain sacred places to be visited. This is the mountain that you first encounter while entering the two medicine area in the South East end of the park.

Stanton Mountain

The Stanton mountain is seriously exciting and breathtaking in its way. It gets the most seasoned climbers from around the world. You can take a view of Lake McDonald from Stanton Mountain that also has Apgar village towards the edge. Stanton mountain fascinates many visitors due to its stunning views and breathtaking landscapes.

Pryor Mountain

Located South of Billings, this mountain range offers spectacular views to its visitors. The beautiful canyons and high mountain grassland are perfect for those who want to go hiking, camping, and hunting. There are several acres of fossil deposits from an ancient inland sea, dry valleys, green valleys, and forgotten homesteads. This place is also home to free-roaming Feral Horses. Red Desert, Ice Caves, wild feral horses, and many beauty are some of the unique symbols of this place, which draws many visitors every year here.

Swift Current Mountain

This mountain is located on the Continental Divide and offers an incredible 360-degree view to its visitors with a great photography opportunity. This mountain is about a 2500 elevation gain and provides an excellent opportunity for photography.  The most common routes to reach Swift Current Mountain are from Logan Pass or Many Glacier.

Sinopah Mountain

Sinopah Mountain which is at an elevation of approx 8,271 feet and rises to the west of Two Medicine Lake.  IN the two medicine area, it is considered as its jewel because of its breathtaking beauty will surely leave you stunned. Sinopah Mountain is a very popular mountain to climb, which offers a lot of solitude and enjoyable trail. One can also opt for a ferry to cross the lake, which will cut down the walking distance by a few miles.  

Mount Oberlin


This friendly glacier mountain is located in the Lewis range of Glacier National Park. Its 4 miles long trail is suitable for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching.  The views are spectacular from this place, and if you are lucky, you can also spot Mountain goats and wild beers. The trail lies at the base of Logan pass in the northwest and is marked with cairns. It is pretty easy to follow until the summit.

Grizzly Mountain

Situated at an elevation 9,067 feet, Grizzly Mountain lies Two Medicine area in the park. It has a well-marked and well-maintained trail. This trail is not very difficult to climb and offers some truly magnificent mountain wilderness. The views are breathtaking from this place. Unlike other mountains, This area is not heavily trafficked and popular. The area has decent facilities with a campground and serves as a point of excursion on two medicine lake.