Ho Chi Minh city travel guide

HO Chi Minh Travel Guide

Ho Chi Minh is the most popular city in Vietnam with a population of over 13 million in its metropolitan as of 2017. It was once the capital of Vietnam between 1955-1975 and was also known by the name of Saigon (South Vietnam). Ho Chi Minh is regarded as the financial focal point of Vietnam and has won different awards over the years. The nearest airport is called Son Nhat International Airport which is rated as the busiest airport in the whole of Vietnam. The city runs a municipal type of government with 19 urban districts and 5 rural districts.

Vietnam has a great economy but the main contributor is Ho Chi Minh city even though the landmass may be small compared to how much they contribute. The city has several sectors ranging from mining, food processing, fishing, agriculture, finance, industry, and tourism. It runs a majority capitalist economy as the state owns at least 33.3% of the economy while the socialist owns 4.6% then foreigners own the remaining percentage. There are malls, software firms, buildings, infrastructures and other establishments that contribute greatly to the growth of the economy and each of them is spread across all the districts both urban and rural. The growth has evolved over the years because of the increased population both for locals and international migrants that intends to boost the economy with skills and ideas.

The best part of Ho Chi Minh is the Tourism sector that attracts visitors from all over the world to sightsee, enjoy a vacation and rest from the noise and bustle of the homeworld. Ho Chi Minh is known for its boulevards, colonial buildings owned by the french, Reunification Palace, Opera House, city post office, Bank office, and diverse other intriguing places. When in Vietnam, no place shows a state of fie to visitors that arrive from anywhere in the world

Layout and Location of Ho Chi Minh City

The city is located in the southeastern part of Vietnam and it covers a landmass of over 3000 square kilometers. It is accessible by air, rail and water and each has proven reliable annually as the progress has been inevitable. By air, there is an active airport called Tan Son Nhat International Airport that has several passengers over the years but there is another airport that will begin operation in a few years. For water, there is the Saigon river with a working port and has been maintained to function properly over the years and has affected the price of goods and services in the city and for the rail, there is a terminal for Vietnam Railways train routes all over the city. The layout of the city is easy to go through especially with the metro, cabs, and buses.

Where to Stay in Ho Chi Minh City 

Ho Chi Minh has very good hotels with top-notch services/offers without any form of hassle. Districts 1 and 2 are considered as the expat areas where most of the travelers choose to stay. There are some parts of districts 2 and 3 where good hotels and budget hotels can be found easily and travelers can find their accommodation easily near the main attractions of the city. The hotels range from 5-star to 3-star, motels and even cheap inns. Some very good hotels that may fit your budget are always available and they include Hotel Nikko Saigon, EdenStar Saigon Hotel and Spa, Bay Hotel Ho Chi Minh, The Myst Dong Khoi, Caravelle Saigon, Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint and Rex Hotel. The good news is all those hotels have ratings that are over 4.1 over 5.0 in hotel ratings nationwide. 

Where to Eat in Ho Chi Minh City

There are also fantastic restaurants that make different meal options available ranging from French to Chinese to the local Vietnamese dishes and each of them at good rates. Some very good dining houses include Le Corto, the Garlik and Noir (Dining In the Dark Saigon) with very proper offers. As long as you are ready to have fun, the chefs in these restaurants are ready to brighten your stomach. 

Tour Guide

Here, the tourist comes for different reasons but there must be proper guidance throughout the time spent there to get all the information attached anywhere. Getting around requires a guide and they have different payment plans to redirect how well you enjoy the time spent there, especially with the different districts, temples, skyscrapers, and markets located everywhere. It is not easy to be understood in the city and this is where the guide will help you through taxis, getting around and of course, meeting the right people.

Things to Do in Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh, some activities make you enjoy the time there and the major is taking pictures of the moments no matter where you are, except there are photography restrictions. Some of the most interesting things to do are to Hit the Spa, get haggling, head underground, visit the skyscrapers, take in a show, go for a scoot, change your caffeine fix, eat the local meals with the locals, visit the museums and most of all take pictures. The most interesting of all these activities that you must not miss are the shows and meals. The shows have interesting players of skills in traditional Vietnamese music, as well as calm singers and the tickets, cost about 230,000VND for a 50 minutes performance while meals with the locals cost about 150,000VND and that includes a decent piece of sea bass and steamed rice to suit. The other activities should be done if the time permits but generally the city is interesting with the locals. 

Best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City 

The great Ho Chi Minh city has many interesting properties but the climate is quite comforting as it has a tropical climate with an average humidity of 78-82%. It has two major seasons; the rainy and dry seasons. The rainy season is between May and November with an average rainfall of 1800mm annually then the dry season is between December and April. The best time to visit this beautiful city is during the dry season which is from December to March. The average temperature is 28 degrees celsius but 40 degrees celsius on the high side and 13.8 degrees celsius on the low side. 

Interesting facts about Ho Chi Minh City

  1. The whole city has two major ethnic groups which include local Vietnamese which is Kinh people and the Chinese which is the minority. But under the Chinese, there are several other forms of Chinese spoken all over. 
  2. It is an interesting city with a level of good friendship with visitors from the dwellers.  
  3. The city has many names such as Saigon, Gia Dinh or Preah Reach Nokor. 
  4. It is the largest and modern city in Vietnam. 
  5. Ho Chi Minh City is a major hub for Two-Wheeler Transport. The city lacks any kind of mass transition system. 
  6. The city’s area is very dense and most compact. One can walk between most of the areas in 15-20 minutes.
  7. There are two commercial streets – Nguyen Hue and Dong Khoi where the city’s most high ends hotels are located. While Pham Ngu Lao and Bui Vien are the places where most of the budget hotels can be found. The traveling distance between these places is fairly short. 

Next Step and Conclusion

The next place that should be visited is Phuket especially because of its interesting views and beaches. In conclusion, Ho Chi Minh is quite a small city with intriguing districts and infrastructures.