Great Pyramid of Giza

Great Pyramid of Giza – Egypt’s Biggest Mysteries

The great pyramid of Giza is a very well known site that has lived for donkey’s years in the heart of Egypt and has soon become one of the most visited sites in Africa. The site which is also called the Pyramid of Khufu or Cheops is one of the oldest sites among other pyramids and also been rated among the seven wonders of the world. The pyramid remains intact and has several characteristics that have kept it busy with tourists, archaeologists, and historians. The pyramid building dates back to the time of Pharaoh Khufu which researchers believed it was built as a tomb for a 10 to 20 year period. It has a height of over 145m and was ranked tallest structure in the world until the Lincoln Cathedral was completed later.

There are the different schools of thought on how the pyramid was built but archaeologists concluded that the stones were moved from a quarry to stack up as the structure we now see today. Taking observation on the pyramid, it has a rough surface because the fine stones that were used to smoothen the surface have washed off to the ground over the years but the epicness of the pyramid still stays intact. Another record shows that the pyramid angled sides symbolized rays of the sun and were fixed to help the king soul ton ascend to their sun god called Ra. In entering the pyramid, a tunnel was created a long time ago in AD 820 using a battering ram and it shows a masonry of the pyramid over a distance of about 27m then turns to ascend passage then descending passage which is recorded to be dangerous since the stones are becoming old and loosed.

History also says that Napoleon spent time in the King’s Chamber where Khufu remains is located and came out as an unchanged man but no one can pick out the experience he had at that point but passed the gallery passage built with granite rocks. There are other hidden royal treasures in the pyramid. The Pyramid of Giza is rated as the UNESCO world heritage site for many years now. Some other key details will be laid out under the following key points:

Layout and Location

The layout is quite simple as it has three major chambers which include the lowest chamber, royal chamber, and the mortuary temples. In the lowest chamber, the place is cut to bedrock where the pyramid is structured and built firmly on and was unfinished. The royal chamber is where the Queen’s and King’s chamber is located which is higher in position in the pyramid and seems to be the most important part of the pyramid. Another fine part of the Giza complex is the pyramid is the mortuary temples which were built in honor of Khufu but placed near the pyramid and the Nile respectively and also some other small pyramids for other royalties. It was built for Khufu, his wives, and some nobles. In the layout of the pyramid, each base side was 230.4 meters while the mass of the pyramid is estimated at 5.9 million tonnes. The volume, including an internal hillock, is approximately about 2,500,000 cubic meters. It is believed that the slope of the pyramid was designed based on a mere slope option with no reference to the building final proportion. The pyramid is located at a strategic point accessible by tourists which is Al Haram, Nazlet El-Samman, Al Giza Desert, Giza Governorate in Egypt. It is located in the Giza plateau in the west field.

Accommodation and Feeding

The hotels that are close to the pyramid include great pyramid Inn, Pyramids view inn and Panorama pyramids Inn. Each of them has best deals with offers less than $70 with proper offers for tourists and hotel dwellers. Meanwhile, for the restaurants, there are special spots that have all you can eat especially African meals. Some of them include El Hadaba and Andrea El Haram which are very close to the pyramid built aside from that, the hotels have dining spots with exclusive international and national meals. Find the best hotels in Giza to visit the first wonders of the world.

Tour Guide

The Giza Pyramid has been rated as the safest place to visit as a tourist and it is the most visited in Egypt annually. Getting around the pyramid may not be a problem but taking a tour guide can ease the stress of trying to identify a spot in the pyramid both inside and outside. The guides are embedded in a private tour package that costs as low as 32 euros for each person and it lasts for at least 4 hours and in three languages Spanish, English and German. There is also a provision for wheelchair accessible as well as pickup plans. Generally, it covers getting around the pyramid.


There are a number of activities that can keep the time busy and beneficial all around the pyramid but some very necessary activities include sound and light show at the pyramids with dinner at the same time, private tours around the pyramids and taking pictures as well which is the most important aspect of the tour for memory saving.

Interesting Facts about the Pyramid of Giza

Height of the Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid stands 147 meters tall and it took around 20 years to build this iconic structure. It was also regarded as the tallest man-made structure for about 3800 years until Lincoln’s cathedral was built in 1300.

Mystery Mortar

The mortar that was used for the construction of the pyramid cannot be reproduced today even after it has been analyzed. It is said to be stronger than the stone which was used to build the great pyramid and is still remains in place to date.

Only Pyramid with Inner Passages

The great pyramid of Giza is the only pyramid in Egypt that is known to have to descend and ascending passages. If you wanted to visit the king’s chamber you would have to walk down, all the way, bent over.

Millions of Stones

It is estimated that around 2,300,000 stone blocks were used to build this pyramid which weighs from 3 to 30 tons each. In fact, there are similar blocks that weigh around 50 tons.

Best time to visit the Great Pyramid of Giza

The climate typically remains hot and sunny throughout the year in Egypt which makes it an important factor to consider for the visitors to journey this land in the appropriate season. The best time to visit the pyramids is during the early spring, fall or winter, which is from October to April. Although winters remain generally mild but also a high tourist season and skyrocketed prices. November to January is considered the peak season here.

Next step and conclusion

The next place rated as among the wonders of the world is the Taj Mahal of Agra which every tourist should get to for an optimum experience. In conclusion, the pyramid of Giza is very influential in research, history and archaeological functions but most importantly for tourists that love history.

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