Best family vacation spots in the USA

Family vacation spots in the USA

The United States is a large country and it has many things to do and see. However, you obviously have limited vacation time from your job and don’t have any time to waste. Here are our recommendations for you to get the most pleasure with your family on your relaxing vacation. Explore one by one of our best family vacation spots in the USA. Check our Best Places to go with Kids in the USA.

Appalachian Country with the Blue Ridge Parkway

Appalachian Country is a very special, yet underrated region of the USA, with a unique and distinctive culture, distinctive music (especially the fiddle and the banjo), folk tales, amazing hiking trails, and scenic views!

The best way for someone to experience it is to drive high in the mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a scenic road stretching from Northern Virginia to the North Carolina/Tennessee border area and to make periodic stops at little towns along the way to enjoy the Appalachian culture and the majestic scenery. Maggie’s Valley, Boone, and Asheville’s Biltmore House attractions are some of the most popular stops for people traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway.

End the trip by checking out the famous Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and by going whitewater rafting down the Little Pigeon River!

Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC

Smithsonian Museum USA

These are some of the best museums in the world and span a wide range of possible interests, from American History to Space Exploration. One can see a wide range of interesting artifacts ranging from the Space Shuttle Discovery to the original American Flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write The Star-Spangled Banner, the national anthem.


This is a place that not many foreigners get to visit due to its remote location and a significant lack of direct flights to it. However, it is a must-see due to the amazing scenery and wildlife!

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico USA

Yes and no. It’s not a state but it is an official U.S. territory. Stop by Puerto Rico to check out its distinctive Spanish/Afro-Caribbean/American culture! Taste the unique foods, admire the Spanish colonial architecture, and check out some of America’s best natural wonders!

Grand Canyon

This place packs a punch! You can get a unique taste of American, Spanish, Cuban, and greater Caribbean culture all in one location! Go take a swim in Miami’s famous South Beach and gawk at Miami’s wild parrots as they chatter in the sky. If you experience a desire to get away from the city, you can go hire a swamp boat and see some gators sunbathing in Everglades National Park or drive down to the Florida Keys where you can check out Hemingway’s Old House, snorkel and scuba dive in Dry Tortugas National Park, and enjoy a nice warm swim.

Charleston, South Carolina

This is one of the most underrated cities on the foreign tourist’s radar. It has everything for everyone ranging from beaches, history (historical museums, ancient landmarks, antebellum plantations, and Fort Sumter where the Civil War started, just to name a few), eateries selling unique southern cuisine, and amazing architecture. And if you want to make a side trip to the Caribbean, Charleston has a popular cruise ship terminal for your convenience.


Boston East coast USA

This is the USA’s most historic city as the American Revolution got started there. I suggest you explore the city’s colonial and revolutionary heritage by visiting the Old Boston area, historical museums, and the Boston Commons. And if one gets tired of history, one can visit the Harvard and MIT campuses and start lowering your self-esteem by realizing that you never had a chance of making it there in the first place.

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

One of the iconic landmarks of the USA is often skipped on tourist visits. The reason for this is obvious… it is in the middle of nowhere. South Dakota is literally in the middle of the country, and there is not much around it. However, for those who can afford the extra day or two, it is worth it. The location, the Black Hills, is beautiful, and the drive up to the monument is terrific. Also, not a far drive away is Custer State Park, where you can go see some wildlife, and the Badlands, which is often called the Grand Canyon of South Dakota. Trust me, it is beautiful.


Often overlooked when discussing the natural beauty of America are the caves. Tens of thousands of them dot the country, and many are open to the public. These caves are very cool and beautiful. The passageways are usually well-lit and marked, and they are a very fun place to take your kids. 


There is no other city than Orlando in the US. it has a timeless appeal which attracts millions of visitors every year. With 4 adventure and theme parks, Orlando is home to world-famous Walt Disney World. he notion that only young people will enjoy the charm of this city, is just a perception. In fact, Orlando has a little bit of this in it and is appealing to people of all ages, and this is more than theme parks. The subtropical climate is great for golfing and the landscape of the city is also not attractive.

San Diego

Throughout the year, continuously sunny weather and 70 miles of the magnificent beach, San Diego has an all-active type of attraction that is needed for family fun. Mexican cuisine, rich nightlife and one of the country’s favorite zoos, this land has it all. And then there are the beaches: San Diego can be a perfect spot for family vacations in the USA where all can have fun and enjoy some beachside activities.

Myrtle Beach

The clean beach in South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach is the main attraction, but it has more space for this holiday than its 60-mile gray sand. One of the most popular holiday destinations in the East Coast family, Myrtle Beach claims amusement parks, which provides everything from the water slide to roller coaster to the race tracks. While family shoppers spend time in the outlet mall, all the skill levels golfer can roam in one of the more than 100 courses of this area, and then the whole family enjoys pirate or medieval-inspired roam during dinner Can take. there are attractions like Ripley Aquarium and Broadway Grand Prix which can entertain family members of all ages.

The beauty of these areas is unspoken. Of course, there are a lot more places to visit and explore with kids and your family in the US, but the above-mentioned family vacation spots in the US are must-visit with your family.