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Finding the best properties in Majorca can be a bit baffling task especially when there are huge choices of accommodations to cater to all tastes. This Balearic island has been one of Spain’s most popular holiday destinations for years. It has much more to offer than sand, sea, and sun. The level of high-quality hotels with sea views and beach access continues to grow across the island. From luxury resorts to cheap hotels in Majorca, there is something for everyone. On GetHoteldeal, we present an extensive range of accommodations including hotels, resorts, villas and rental houses on this beautiful island. All these accommodations provide a good value of money and a comfortable stay. 

If we specifically mention about 5-star hotels in Majorca, the island has many luxury accommodations located in the privileged settings, provide enhanced experiences and high-end services to their guests. Besides that, there are plenty of 4 star and boutique hotels across the city which offers great sea views and beach access. We provide the best rates on these properties on our site. 

Finding the cheap hotels in Majorca is not always easy but this is not the case with us. Palma is one of the most famous and affordable places to stay in Majorca where plenty of hotel accommodations at cheap rates can be available. Since we commit to provide only the best to our customers, hence our expert team reviews each hotel and brings the best deals on city hotel prices no matter what category of hotel you choose. Whether your preference is to stay in any of the best family-friendly hotels in Majorca or in beachside villas, you will always find the best deal on our site.

Majorca, Spain

Majorca is regarded as Mallorca as well and it a Balearic island in the Mediterranean with beautiful natural reserves and settings. The city has a beach resort, coves, Moorish remains, archaeological artifacts, cathedrals, and several other exciting locations. The city has properly linked roads with good connections to everywhere but by land and sea which makes transportation way easier than normal. Majorca has some good attractions like the Palma Cathedral, Lighthouse, Drach caves with some good accommodation offers of less than $70 per night. It is important to choose Majorca as your vacation choice as the experience is second to none.

Tips for Hotel Booking in Majorca

  • Read the policies of the hotel carefully before making a reservation. 
  • Book your hotel near the main attractions of the city in order to avoid long commutes
  • Check the inclusions of the hotel and check if there are any additional perks and benefits included in your hotel package. 
  • Never ask for hotel recommendations from any taxi driver. They might mislead you.
  • Book only tried and trusted travel hotels. Read reviews online before confirming your reservation in order to avoid any hassles during your travel.
  • If you are booking a hotel online, make sure to use various filters available on a hotel booking site in order to find the best deals and activities. These accommodation filters can help you find the best hotel based on your preferences.

FAQs about hotels in Majorca

What are the best Adult only hotels in Majorca?

Looking for adult only hotel in Majorca? Choose from the best range of adults-only hotels in Majorca and make your stay more comfortable in an easy-going and exclusive atmosphere. For escaping to quiet and peaceful holidays, adults-only hotels are a perfect choice. Our collection includes hotels and adult only hotel resorts which are designed with couples and adults in mind where you can relax with your partner or have fun with your friends. Book now adult only hotel on and avail the best rates on your next hotel booking.

Which hotels in Majorca have a free airport shuttle?

Looking for best Hotels with Airport shuttle in Majorca? Choose from lots of Hotels with complimentary airport Transfers deals in the Majorca and save with find the best hotels with free airport shuttle in Majorca and book a hotel without any worry.

Which is the nicest beachfront hotel in Majorca?

The term "beachfront" means with the property located near the beach with spectacular views of the sea, with the added benefit of immediate access to a sandy beach along the water's edge. You can step outside the property and either walk directly to the beach or there is only a short path that leads to the shore. Find the cheapest and best beachfront hotels in Majorca with world-class facilities at very affordable prices. This special list of beach hotels in Majorca promises you a stay that is both pleasant and memorable.

Which hotels in Majorca provide Breakfast in the room service?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Getting breakfast on the hotel bed in the morning sound like heaven. whether you are going on a business trip or vacation, booking a hotel with breakfast delivered on the bed is something that you should definitely look for while making any hotel booking. Find the best hotels in Majorca which are providing breakfast in the room service.

Which are the best hotels in Majorca with the Bridal suite?

Bridal suites are an attractive room in a hotel specially booked by the newly married couple. With stylish decor and indulgent bathroom, it brings the sweetness of honey and the delightfulness of the moon into a relation. Find the best and splendid bridal suite in Majorca and spend your wedding night in the romantic ambience of the suite supplemented with all the modern amenities to make your stay the most cherished one.

Which are the best Casino Hotels in the Majorca?

Wanna book a hotel in Majorca with a casino. Get an attractive deal on bookings of best casino hotels in Majorca . Staying at a hotel with an in-house casino is the essence dream that many can think of. There are many great hotels and resorts in Majorca with functional casinos. Find the best casino hotel in Majorca on and grab a good discount on your booking.

Which hotels in Majorca have family rooms?

Family rooms are often spacious and comfortable which are suitable enough to share room with family and friends. Family rooms are ideal for those travelling with kids and want to spend most of the time with their family. Find the best hotels in Majorca offering family rooms for your relaxed stay.

Which hotels in Majorca have Free WiFi?

It is completely absurd for hotels to charge their guests for internet use. Nowadays, most guests expect free access to a strong, secure internet connection that will allow them to go about any necessary activities, right from video chatting to streaming Netflix to answering work email. Find the best hotels with free Wi-Fi in Majorca and enjoy your comfortable stay in the hotel.

Is there any hotel in Majorca with Massage facility?

After a long tiring day, the best way to relax body and mind is definitely with a great massage. Massage rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul and provide you a great relief from any stress. Check out hotels in Majorca which offer the best massage and spa packages at very reasonable prices.

Which are the best Outdoor pool hotels in Majorca?

You won't find a better deal on a hotel booking in Majorca with the outdoor pool when the heatwave hits and you need to chill with a plunge in a pool. But we're not talking about the overcrowded local lidos. We know some of the most beautiful hotels in Majorca which offer the best outdoor pool facilities where you avoid the hordes and soak up the sunshine in style.Find the best hotels with an outdoor pool in Majorca.

What are the best pet-friendly hotels in Majorca?

Wanna travel with your furry friend on your next vacation? Find the best pet friendly hotels in Majorca which allow your pets to stay with you. All the listed hotels are pet tolerant and provide pet friendly amenities in the Majorca without breaking your bank. These hotels welcome your furry friend with open arms and offer some of the best accommodation and facilities that you and your pet will need on your vacation.

Which hotels in Majorca offer pool on the rooftop?

Rooftop pools are often known as infinity pools right by the edge while offering the best viewing spot at the roof terrace. Some rooftop pools are great substitutes to beaches, while some are more compliments to the beach and a connection to the ocean. Find the best hotels with a rooftop pool in Majorca on