Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza – World’s largest Archeological Site

Chichen Itza is a major site in the Northern Maya Lowland. It exhibits different standards in architectural standards, styles from Mexico and other intriguing locations. The Mexican culture was so prominent that a lot of people believed that the occupants of the town migrated from Central Mexico which is a direct opposite of the real deal. It is one of the largest and industrious cities in Maya and the population from previous times greatly contributed to the present beauty and styles represented every spot. Chichen Itza was voted as among the seven wonders of the world and a UNESCO world heritage site.

The site is federal property, and the site’s stewardship is maintained by Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia which is National Institutes for Anthropology and History. This site used to privately owned until it was bought over by the state of Yucatán in 2010. It rated to be one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world with over 2.5 million persons as of 2017 when the record was taken. Research has shown that the governance of this town was not by a single leader by a board of elected council representatives which is regarded as the multiple systems and this theory was popular in the 1980s and 1990s but it has been called to question in this modern day.

The economy has been promising over the years as it has been able to acquire resources that are unavailable locally from central Mexico and Central America. Athey has also emerged as the regional capital for the flow of goods between north and central Yucatan while a port was developed in Isla Cerritos. Over the years, the city has come to limelight with its intriguing setups like the pyramids, statues, archaeological remains amongst many others. Starting from 1843 when a book was published on the city ruins down to 2009 when there was an investigation that predated El Castillo, there have several purchases, alliances progress, discoveries and special properties embedded in the city. Some other key details will be laid out 

Layout and Location

The chicken Itza community is situated in the eastern part of Yucatan state which is in the heart of Mexico City. The rivers in this city run underground but there some visible holes called Cenote which can supply water for use for a full year without hassles. Amongst the cenotes, the most famous is the Sacred cenote that serves as the wall of sacrifice to the inhabitants of the town. Between 1904 and 1910, some very intelligent dredging experts were able to dig in the Sacred cenote where they found gold, pottery, incense, human remains as well. Some very prominent structures in the town include the Castillo pyramid, Las Monjas, and Osario.

The city was built on broken terrain to build the major architectural setups required to keep the city beautiful. There are fine stone buildings all over the city with different colors of paint; red, green, purple and even blue. The buildings were linked by a paved causeway termed sacbeob while archaeologists have pointed out over 70 sacbeob crossing and linking different buildings. The best structures include the Great North Platform, which includes El Castillo (Temple of Kukulcan), the Temple of Warriors and the Great Ball Court then the Osario Group, which includes pyramids of the same name as well as temples of Xtoloc. This is further followed by the Central Group, including Caracol, Akb Djib and Las Monjas. Some of the other structures there are collectively regarded as a group of early series, a group of lintels and a group of old castles.

The styles used for the architecture are represented in all the structures. The styles are gathered from the Mexican core cultures, mosaic-decorated upper facades, and a few others.

Accommodation And Feeding

In visiting the Chichen Itza, food and hotels near Chichen Itza are very important especially in having a complete nice time. Some hotels are quite affordable and to-ranked in this part of the world and some of them include Hotel and Bungalows Maryland, The Lodge at Chichen Itza and Hotel Oka’an. Each of them has quiet environments that will completely aid the enjoyment required to complete the tour around the area. In feeding aspects, there are multiple spots where good meals and even snacks could be accessed. One of the best eating spots in the Mexican chicken where chicken is properly prepared with rice and salad for less than $10. The accommodation and feeding are covered as long as it concerns Chichen Itza. 

Tour Guide

The site has a fee for access but it will give you the privilege to walk around, take pictures and have a busy eye but it is important to have a guide for relevant details in all sections of the site. The guide can grant you access to all privilege information on the history and existence of the area. If the guide package is settled, then getting around the area is nothing close to a challenge.

Activities(What To Do)

It is important to properly explore the complex in all ramifications both outside and inside. Some activities to be engaged when touring include snapping selfies and pictures, purchasing special t-shirts, artworks, wood carvings, figurines, and a few others. Major places must be reached especially the pyramid for pictures and references. 

Interesting Facts

  1. It had precisely planned layout and design. All the temples and pyramids were constructed in clusters. The 4 well-known clusters are the Great North Platform, the Central Group, the Old Chichen and the Ossario Group.
  2.  The city of Chichen Itza was constructed on an area of approximately 5 square kilometers and the buildings of the city were made of stones.
  3. It contains a platform dedicated to God Venus which is located on the north side of El Castilo. 
  4. It is believed that Chichen Itza was a famous pilgrim site for Mayan people. 

Best time to visit

From November through March are the best months to visit this remarkable place. It gets really hot during summers here which are hard to bear. Past June, the rain substantially making it tough for visitors to enjoy the visit of this site. Visitors can get cheaper hotels and fares during the low season and places are less crowded as compared to the peak seasons. 

Next Step After Tour

The next step can be anything but we must refer to another wonder of the world which is the Roman Colosseum in Rome, Italy. In conclusion, tourists must understand the concepts of these wonders to tailor the planning and execution of the trip without any form of hassle.

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