Best time to visit Thailand

Best time to visit Thailand

Thailand is the darling among the tourists coming to visit south-east Asia, and there are some great reasons, of course. Nothing in the world you can’t find here. From white sandy beaches to emerald green waterways, tropical weather to lush green forests, from seven-star hotels to some of the world’s cheapest, yet amazingly comfortable beach and jungle resorts, just everything you can wish for.

Now add the reasonable cost of everything, and you just found your next vacation destination, that won’t break your bank. However, even the miss world could look a bit out of shape when she just woke up in the morning. There’s some seasons or months when Thailand becomes ready to amaze you with all her charms and grandeur.

1. January

Thailand jungle

With plenty of sunshine and relatively colder weather, this month is excellent to visit Thailand. However, if you’re planning to visit Koh Samui, you can face some heavy rainfall. Otherwise, the rest of Thailand is utterly beautiful and comfortable at this time of the year.

2. February

If you’re at the east coast of Thailand in February, you can see some cloudy weather with occasional rain. However, most other parts of the country remain dry with a clear sky.

3. March

Thailand beach

Weather is relatively hot at this month, and the temperature rises to more than 35 degrees. If you’re coming from colder weather, things can get a bit uncomfortable for you. You can travel countrywide and enjoy the astounding beaches without any fear of rain, most likely.

4. April

Weather in this month is just perfect for tourists to come to explore Thailand; however, places get a little crowded with lots of tourists everywhere. Make sure to confirm your hotel and other bookings a few weeks before to avoid the surged rate of almost everything.

5. May

Thailand rivers

If you’re a penny pincher and still want to enjoy to its fullest, this month can be your ideal time for your Thailand vacation. As the peak tourist season just ended, you’ll find everything from accommodation to food, at much affordable rate than the other times of the year. Weather is good too, especially on the east coast side. Though May is the month when Thailand saw some major storms previously, those are rare nonetheless.

6. June

June is another great month for the ones who are price conscious. Things are cheaper than peak season, though weather can be unpredictable. Mostly in this month sky remains clear with abundant of sunshine. As the rainy season is on the verge; it’s not unusual to see some rains now and then throughout the month.

7. July

If you’re visiting Thailand in July, try to come at the starting of the month to avoid the upcoming rainy season. In this month, the temperature falls a bit due to frequent rain and occasional windstorm.

8. August and September

Thailand Waterfall

Not a very good time to visit Thailand as these two months are the peak of the rainy season there. However, if you’re looking for the cheapest deal in airfare, these two months are for you. In that case, forget the sunny beach.

9. October and November

Best time to visit at this time of the year is the end of October and at the start of November. That is the end of the rainy season; hence, rain becomes less frequent, but the weather becomes very comfortable with less humidity and colder temperature. From 25th October to 10th November would be ideal if you want to avoid the crowd, yet want to enjoy relatively good weather and sunny beaches.

10. December

This month is peak tourist season, it’s best to avoid this time unless you want to experience an international crowd at a high price. If you must, then book your flight and hotel at least a few months before to avoid high “Christmas special price” for everything.