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When is the Right Time to Book Flight Tickets?

You might have wondered when to book a flight ticket, especially when you ended up paying a hefty sum for a single ticket. There’s no rocket science behind it excepting that you need to do some research about the place of visit and the best time to book flights.

When it comes to international flights, you might need to book months in advance if the vacation hotspot is much popular worldwide.

A few useful tricks can make things a lot easier for you:

1. Using the private mode for searching

Most of the businessmen still resort to that old ticket booking strategy of searching via incognito mode, although that’s quite a questionable tactic for saving money. You may also give it a try and check out the validity of the strategy if you get a chance. Many of the booking websites set up by travel agencies are using cookies to increase ticket booking rates by tracking down your search history. You must identify all means of keeping the costs down by doing your research even if it proves to be inconclusive in the end. It won’t hurt your pocket although it leads you through some hassles.

2. Checking things out in the off-season

Americans mostly try to visit a place simultaneously, and it makes traveling difficult for most of us. The winter and summer breaks are the peak travel seasons as you visit sites with your loved ones on holidays. Most of your favorite vacation dates fall during these seasons. We tend to avoid seasons that hold severe weather conditions like that of the winter in Canada and the monsoon of Southeast Asia.

We need to avoid times when everything seems high-priced as it yields huge savings on the hotel booking as well as booking an airline ticket. If you choose specific days of the week, you might have to book your stay weeks in advance. Fewer visitors are noticed during the off-season, and that’s probably the reason why you can buy a ticket at a low price.

3. Consider a few things about award travel

Some of may have experienced the feeling of replacing hard and cold cash with air miles or credit card points while booking your flight ticket. Under most circumstances, you’re likely to grab the most reasonable fare rate, the moment you find it accessible. You must remember that the paid fare calendars are different for every carrier. The availability of awards keeps on changing as the airlines upgrade space.

However, you won’t need to check the availability regularly if you avail a few useful hacks and apply your reward points. You must also keep an eye on airlines that charge you more for utilizing your points while booking a new trip within 21 days of the previous one. For those of you that are booking a few months in advance, it’s essential that you even know the rebooking and cancellation fees, in case an unexpected event turns up.

4. Find out the right time to book your flight

Many of you would choose to pay hard cash for buying your ticket. Frequent travelers and tour planners would post a few suggestions about their preferred time to book tickets, although there aren’t any hard and fast rules. Some of these travelers would prefer to buy tickets 70 days in advance within the United States. However, such comments and reviews don’t require any divine omniscience. Many online tour planning websites have even posted their views on flight booking after consulting millions of international fares, which might seem useful to you. The lowest fares are often placed around a range of dates. So, you ought to keep an eye on the major holidays, sporting events, and festivities while determining the best time to book a flight.


You must plan on booking the tickets in advance by about three weeks to four months for flights to Canada. An average of 70 days is considered to be the best time to book your flight if you go by the suggestions of a few websites. While July is seemingly the most expensive month, October is the cheapest month. At the same time, you must remember that the Wednesdays and Tuesdays are supposedly the least expensive of booking days.


When it comes to international flights, you might need to book months in advance if the vacation hotspot is much popular worldwide.

If you’re one of those that love visiting the Caribbean Islands, you must book your flight some 200 days in advance. You must keep an eye on the jumping fare if you’re eager to wait till the last 2-3 months. January is the cheapest month to visit the Caribbean Islands. It’s certainly a reason to be happy if you’re looking forward to making a winter escape. But you can avoid visiting the Caribbean in December as it’s a bit expensive.

Mexico/Central America

While considering the average best booking time to be 70 days in advance, you may even book your tickets earlier by about a couple of weeks to six months. December is the most expensive month for booking your ticket to the south, while September is supposedly the cheapest month. Again, Wednesdays and Tuesdays are considered the cheapest days to fly.


Are you looking forward to heading across the lake? You may have tried booking flight weeks in advance, but the best time is about 160 days from the date of departure. Monday is often the cheapest day alongside Tuesday and Wednesdays when it comes to visiting Europe on a trip. The cheapest month is March, which the most expensive month is July; you may save about $371 with each ticket that you book in March as compared to a similar date in July. If you’re one of those that wish to play safe, you may choose to book your flight and accommodation in advance by about eight months.

Final words:

You must take some factors into account while checking out the prime booking window. You mustn’t lose your peace of mind. You must keep checking the flight deals regularly if you don’t want to miss the best time to book. Begin by looking out for the best time to buy these tickets if you have a competitive mindset to achieve the best rates.

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