Best time to book a hotel

When is the Best Time to Book a Hotel?

Planning a vacation may prove to be a lot of excitement and fun for your loved ones. However, it often proves to be a big hassle when you try to achieve the best deal for booking your accommodation. You might only be wondering as to how you’d reach the best deal on flight and hotel, and whether you should book a month in advance. Should you proceed with any last minute hotel deal? Or do you need to consider the very first option that meets your eyes? When is the right time to book a hotel?

Finding the right hotel is about checking out hotel rates, figuring out amenities, achieving free nights, and inquiring about car rentals. On the whole, it’s about finding a hotel that fulfils the needs of your travel trip and that too within your budget.

Choosing a Location

Finding places for best hotel

The place wherein you’re inclined to visit is likely to visit plays a crucial role in determining you may consider narrowing down your choices by customizing your search to match the need of an all-inclusive resort. It could include a tennis court or a swimming pool; once you’ve zeroed in on a hotel, you must check out the booking options that offer the best rates.

Pricing for Holidays

Booking a hotel is about checking the holiday pricing and loyalty programs. Christmas, Fourth of July, and the Labor Day are some of the Holidays when you witness a hike in hotel pricing. Favourite holidays enable hotels to increase their prices as the visitors are likely to pay more. You must book a hotel room with this idea in mind.

Pricing for the Weekends

Hotels are mostly known to increase their prices during the weekends. If you’re a weekend vacationer, you may book a hotel room at least 30 days in advance. However, if you’re finding time for a weekend trip amid your busy schedule, then you may consider checking in within a couple of days at the most. Your eyes are bound to stop at a few great hotel deals at this point, which are close to their cancellation window. Besides, the best opportunity to book a room lies on Sundays.

Best Time to Book Hotel

Best Time to Book Hotel

Booking a hotel room can help you earn great deals even when you aren’t attempting a same-day trip on Sundays. Plan about a month ahead of your travel date, and you’re likely to obtain the best possible rate. Narrowing down your choice of a hotel often enables you to check out the pricing in advance. So, when is the best time to book a hotel room? You may obtain the best rates when you compare them some 40 days ahead of your trip instead of checking the last minute deals.

Determining the best deal gets much easier when you’re able to keep track of all popular trends and hotels efficiently. You may call up a few travel agencies and inquire about the best time to book a hotel last minute. Smart travellers are aware of the tricks of winning lower rates and how they can make the system work in their favour. You can save more for your trip when you start checking out prices with individual service providers and book your room using credit cards.

Steps to book a hotel for the best rate

Booking hotels online informs you about when to book a hotel for the best rate and provides for quality travel tips:

STEP 1: Check offer for better rates

You may check out the hotel websites. Hotels keep on offering better rates to those that book online; you might end up availing discounts worth up to 20%. Even when you’re willing to book over the phone, you may pay a bit more than what you’d pay online.

STEP 2: Check Loyalty programs

Some hotels offer rewards programs or loyalty programs very frequently. Every time you check-in, you’ll earn reward points by checking in for a free night. They might even lower your rates for a more extended stay. Loyalty programs are prevalent with hotels like Hyatt as they help you earn points for booking a room at any of their branches.

STEP 3: Compare packages and initial offers

The room cost is a factor that invites a lot of negotiation. You must try to lower their initial quote by about 10-20%. Although there are hotels that won’t let you haggle with them, you’ll come across some that can reduce the margin. They might even propose a different package that seems more feasible to you than the initial offers.

STEP 4: Wait for the last minute hotel deals

Waiting until the last minute can be of great help to you. A hotel that didn’t accept your proposal initially might allow you a room if it’s not filled on a particular day. You may inquire about a discounted place by calling the hotel staff before your arrival. It even helps when you checking in at your favourite hotel and wait for the last minute hotel deals.

STEP 5: Check extra services

You may avail rental car services, hotel accommodations, and flight reservations under a single package. The cost that you ought to bear in total is often less than what you’d end up paying for each service individually. At the same time, you must keep an eye on the flight time and type of car rental that these hotels have on offer for such packages.

Discounts on Offer

All hotels have some unique offers for their visitors. You must check them out before you book them. You might either catch up a few excellent discounts or sign up for individual quotes that are offered to members signing up for email blast. Optimal discounts will often show in the websites of some hotels, especially during the holiday seasons or anniversaries.

Planning a Vacation

Most hotels are different, but most of them follow similar principles while setting accommodation charges. The hotel prices that match your pocket may not work in the best interest of another person. While doing your research, you must keep an eye on the things that you expect in your favourite hotels and the hotel prices that you can afford. Identifying the right hotel gets easier once you plan your vacation needs.

However, it might cause a lot of hassles while comparing the features and pricing. The most pocket-friendly rate must cover all the amenities, an ideal room, and the best location. Always remember these tactics while comparing the top picks within your budget.