Best Things to do in New Orleans

Whatever you call this city, but one thing we know for sure, once you have visited New Orleans, you will never want to leave the city. Unfortunately, some visitors have the impression that New Orleans is about Bourbon Street and Daiquiri shops and beer shops. But this is not the truth about it. So if you are wondering what are some exciting things to do in New Orleans, then you have come to the right place. Find here best things to explore in New Orleans. You can find and book the best hotels in New Orleans.

Things to do in New Orleans

French Quarter

The French Quarter, also known as Vix Carre, has been the heart of New Orleans for all 300 years of its existence, built on the banks of the Mississippi River on high ground. Today, Bourbon Street enjoys gathering and dining, while other exquisite streets feature home galleries, shops and music clubs, so turn around and take it inside. Be sure to stop at one of the city’s oldest restaurants, Antoine, Jahn. Oyster Rockefeller dishes were first invented. See also Preservation Hall, Vegetable Whole-in-the-Wall Jazz Club.

Margeon Music in New Orleans

Do you like music If yes, then New Orleans is your place to go. For great deals on Titpitina, Snug Harbor for Jazz. And if you like fancy drinks with your music, Pat O’Brien and its piano bar can be beaten as fun. there is a storm. If you’re lucky, check out a group of women for bachelorette parties there; Look at that cake. And if you like bowling then try Rock and Bowl. Louisiana Music with Steroids. And the maple leaf on Oak Street is usually a lot of fun.

National WWII Museum

Strange but America’s official World War II museum is not in Washington DC, but is located in the central business district of New Orleans. Previously known as the National D-Day Museum, this military history museum is exceptionally vast and gives an insight into the American experience of war changing the world. If you are fond of history, you will love spending time here while watching the exhibition.

St. Louis Cathedral

Consider a walk in the Cathedral and Old Ursuline Convent (the oldest building in the Mississippi Valley), the Garden of St. Anthony to see the impressive statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The park also has a memorial for 30 French ship crew members who lost their lives in 1857 with yellow fever.

Swamp journey

New Orleans Swamp Tours offers an exciting and educational high-speed Airboat Swamp Tours or private bay boat tour from the middle of New Orleans Cajun Country. Just 25 miles from the city of New Orleans you can travel the wild swamps and reach the coastline through endless endless miles of the Louisiana Line. Your New Orleans airboat swamp tour will be filled with crocodiles, snakes, frogs, nutria, turtles, fishes, crabs, raccoons, nutria and the occasional bald eagle!

See some art on Jackson Square

Located within the French Quarter, this historic park has been a national historic site since 1960. This square has been a major part of the French Quarter since the 18th century and is a place where local artists are also trying to sell their work in painting, drawing and drawing. The park is a great place to get a souvenir in New Orleans, in which artists can draw or draw you and you can take it home immediately.

Garden district

The Garden District attracts a more quiet crowd. Many but not more than 150 years old arrive at the romantic St. Charles streetcar, a St. Charles streetcar located in a French quarter. Despite the name of the neighbourhood, the gardens are not attracted here. It is rather leafy and suburban, with wide sidewalks along the banks of the beautiful mansion and a shade of oak trees. Go on a day tour of the Boganvillea-clad antebellum houses and listen to ghost stories at night on a guided walk through Lafayette Cemetery No. 1. Magazine Street is the centre of the catering dining scene for eating and drinking.

If you have to spend half the time in the day, then get out of the city. Landing brunch, dinner, or daytime on the Mississippi on the Stevenboat is one of the easiest ways to escape the Natchez heat, or for thrill-seekers, book a high-speed airboat swamp tour. More poignant are trips to nearby plantations; Book a small group tour if you can.

Escape game

New Orleans French Quarter, one of the most secretive places on Earth, is currently home to The Escape Game – America above the line getaway room on TripAdvisor. Connect with your family, peers or partners on an energetic hour-long experience where you collaborate to see across the room, reveal pieces of information and conquer difficulties. Choose from four great experiences – Escape, Crack Gel, Playground and Special Ops, Mystery Store. If you have to spend half the time in the day, then get out of the city.

Jermaine Cazenave Wells Mardi Gras Museum

Mardi Gras may be too heavy for families with extra children, but you can see rustic masks, costumes and vintage photos at the Jermaine Kaizenway Wells Mardi Gras Museum inside the French Quarter restaurant Arthur. Jermaine Wells, the daughter of a repurchase named, presided as the queen of 22 Mardi Gras balls from 1937 to 1968 and displayed many of her elaborate gowns. The museum is open during restaurant hours and is one of the best free things to do in New Orleans with children.

Jackson square

New Orleans is a square city, and one of the most famous is the historic Jackson Square, which is located in the French Quarter. Jackson Square, a national historic site, is home to local artists, who exhibit their work in an open-air gallery. This lively atmosphere is also often discovered by musicians; There are concerts and events throughout the year during the winter holidays.

White linen night

Bring your white clothes and join the free annual White Linen Night, held every Saturday in the evening of August 1st. The massive block party, located in the warehouse district, features car-locked streets, three live entertainment stages, and public-open gallery windows. There are nurturing vendors, although you can appreciate the gathering without spending any cash. Note: White clothes are strong, yet not required.

Visit the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum

The New Orleans Pharmacy Museum is about the history of pharmacology. This is where America’s first licensed pharmacist once worked. You can guide this place by exploring various medicines, tools and medical history of the city. The opening hours of this place are Sat to Sat (10:00 AM – 4:00 PM).

Shop around the french market

Established in 1791. This old French market is spread over six blocks and has been in its present form ever since. The place is once home to the Native American Trading Post, it actually goes back even further in time. You can choose to roam and shop here. The time of this market is 8:00 am – 5:30 pm.

Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preservation

The National Historical Park and Preserve Jean Lafitte have six sites of lakes, creeks, swamps and marshes throughout southern Louisiana. Jean Lafitte was a pirate and smuggler of French descent, living in New Orleans in the 1800s. You can discover birds, get to know the history and music of Cajun and walk on nature trails.

Stop the french quarter

One of the most recognizable landmarks of the French Quarter is the 18th-century Cathedral of St. Louis, which has three Spiers, a golden transformation and stained glass windows. It is located on Jackson Square, with a statue of former President Andrew Jackson, who fought the Orleans Fight during the War of 1812. The beautiful iron balconies the city is known for are all over the quarters, especially around Royal Street, and of course, Bourbon Street is well equipped with all kinds of bars and restaurants.

Get your photo at Labranche House

Today, if you are looking for classic French Quarter homes with Spanish lacy cast-iron grillwork and hanging ferns, LaBranch House is the most prominent. We meet others similar, but this is probably what you saw in a million pictures!

Audubon Aquarium of America

Under the colourful Caribbean Reef, marvel at the green nature of the Amazon Rainforest and ride the American Audubon Aquarium along the Mississippi River, where penguins, dolphins, stingrays and other deep-sea creatures await you.

The view outside Lalouri Haveli

If you drive far enough on Royal Street, you can eventually reach the Lallouri Mansion. The name may sound familiar as it is to Delphine Lallouri, who was recently portrayed in “AHS: Cowan” by Kathy Bates. She was a crazy woman, and while the building was beautiful, I feel like a showcase of how awesome she was! Meaning, compared to something like the Labranche building, it is grey and empty.

Look at a historical story

Jump on one of the historic streetcars in New Orleans (just $ 1.25 per ride). The St. Charles Railway, dating back to 1835 (making it the city’s oldest railway), has cars built with mahogany seats and brass fittings. The route leads you through the leafy neighbourhood of Gardens and Tulane University.

It’s mardi gras all year

Love visiting Carnival? If you cannot do it during Mardi-Gras, you can experience it every day of the year. Mardi Gras World, a working studio where Mardi Gras’s tableaux are created and maintained, tops the list. Historical tableaux, masks and decorations can also be found from previous Mardi Gras celebrations.

There are also several galleries and exhibits dedicated to and free of some elements of Mardi Gras, including the Armand Restaurant and the Mardi Gras Museum in the House of Dance and Feathers. Cheap Presbyter and its Mardi Gras show are also on the scene. And if you come to Carnival in New Orleans for the first time