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Top 20 Capsule Hotels

capsule hotels

Capsule Hotels are also known as pod hotels. They were mainly developed to serve the business class and budget Travellers who wanted to have some safe place to sleep and stay. The concept of capsule Hotel has increased far and wide throughout the world. Nowadays, you will find charming capsule Hotels that come up with free Wi-Fi, women-only facility, air-conditioning, Led lights, lockers, individual cabins, and much more.

What is a capsule hotel?

People who travel quite often require little sleeping and staying the place that does not put a Dent on the budget. Capsule Hotel is meant for the same purpose. It generally meant for providing the facilities of sleeping and staying at low rates. However, in recent years, capsule hotels have got a new definition. You can easily find pod hotels that are full of world-class luxurious facilities to give exotic experience to travellers.

How much does a capsule hotel cost?

Prices of capsule hotels depend from one place to another. It can be as low as $25 or as high as $1,000. For example, capsule hotels in Tokyo, Singapore, and Japan have a different rate per room. Also, nowadays, the overall prices are dependent upon the facilities and stay duration. For instance, you will find pods hotels having rooms with flat screen, tablets, computers, free Wi-Fi connection, comfortable bed style, and several other facilities with higher prices than the Normal.

Best Pod Hotels in the world

1) Sleepbox Moscow

Sleepbox - capsule hotel

The Capsule Hotel is as simple as the name. It is indeed one of the most excellent options for the ones Who need primary sleeping facility without any extra cost. The clean and tidy place provide pod Time Square, where you can sleep peacefully.

2) Book and bed

Book and bed - capsule Hotel

Perhaps one of the best capsule hotels in Tokyo comes up with bookshop theme so that you can enjoy even better. The capsule Hotel comprises of a vast collection of books that you can purchase or rent over there. People who want a budgeted place to stay and love light reading can always choose a book and bed in Moscow as the best option.

3) Dream Lodge, lavender

Dream Lodge, lavender

The inspirational quotes late night dream lodge capsule hotel in Singapore is definitely going to motivate you to do better in life. The leisure travelers, students, and female travelers are never going to face the slightest of inconvenience in this Hotel.

4) The pod, Sydney

The pod Sydney

King size bed, convenient charging points, reading light and air condition room what else do you expect in a budgeted Hotel? Choose to spend your night at pod Sydney while you travel to explore the world.

5) Inbox capsule hotel

Inbox capsule hotel

Saint Petersburg area has a beautiful sleeping arrangement in the form of inbox capsule hotel that can be conveniently located. You can find out the hourly rate from the manager while you book the room.

6) The prime pod, Kyoto

The prime pod

The prime pod Kyoto has something totally different about it. It was launched in 2017 February and became one of the best capsule hotels in Japan in short duration. The luxury bay hotel can help you to enjoy the best breakfast facility, free toiletries, robes, and much more.

7) Mono’tel


Located in Taipei area Taiwan, mono’tel pod hotel is the most convenient place to sleep because you get round the clock customer care facility. Apart from receiving free breakfast, you get an option to share a kitchen where you can prepare something tasty. Free Wi-Fi rooms, locker facility, and reading lights keep your travelling experience comforting.

8) Bloc hotel

Bloc hotel

This Hotel has things to entertain people for around one week. It is best for those travelers Who need something to rest their head in between in long Journeys. Located just a few steps away from Gatwick departure lounge in London, you don’t have to search for any other place to sleep if you have a clue about this capsule hotel.

9) City hub

Amsterdam does not remain behind in having the best capsule hotels in the world. You can easily find the city hub Hotel having the best of amenities to serve the travelers. Finest security parameters and conveniently located Hotel is the first choice of business Travellers always.

10) 9 hours Narita airport

Kyoto Japan has 9 hours pod Hotel located near Narita airport with additional supportive guest facilities. The gentle alarm clock and comforting mattresses so that you have a pleasant sleeping experience over here.

11) Cabana

When you don’t know which Hotel to book for the best of facilities in Singapore, try the rooftop open-air capsule hotel for eternal Nostalgia.

12) The Jane Hotel

The Jane Hotel

Located in New York, the Jane hotel has inspirational compartments that let you have a view over the Hudson River. It has spacious beds where you can spend your night comfortably without keeping any negative thoughts in mind.

13) Capsule by container

The Malaysian capsule hotel is all about providing you a rich experience by providing limited but hygienic space to sleep. The capsule Hotel has excellent customer service. It also gives you a personal pair of slippers that you can use over there.

14) Citizen M Hotel

It’s Amsterdam once again. We have the Citizen M Hotel, which is quite often selected by the trip Advisors because of large double beds and soothing ambiance. People who have a slightly higher budget can choose the citizen hotel to quench the requirements.

15) Yotelair

Yotelair capsual hotel

Located near Heathrow airport, the yotelair Hotel provides Time Square, flat screen TV, free Wi-Fi facility, and basic customer care amenities to keep your experience soothing.

16) Hotel sleeps

Hotel Sleeps

In case you are looking forward to having a capsule hotel in Tokyo for men only, choose the hotels to sleep that has pods having single beds. Dad is a Whiskey Bar, which is beautiful and well maintained.

17) Anshin oyado

Anshin Oyado

The uniqueness of the capsule hotel is all because of the luxurious facilities it provides. Open 24 hours of the day, you can enjoy flat screen Television, air conditioner, tablet computer and much more over here. There are eateries located in nearby that can help you to quench your hunger without hunting much.

18) Lucerne

The opening up of lucerne capsule hotel in Switzerland has given a sigh of relief to the budgeted travellers. The wallet-friendly Hotel provides the public bath, privately air-conditioned rooms, a free Wi-Fi facility, and everything you want at fundamental prices. You can spend a night at less than $50 over here.

19) Cardiff

One of the most famous hotels that allow guest to configure facilities of their choices is definitely going to give you a satiating experience. There are moderate storage spaces available along with flat screen televisions and universal power outlet. The prices start at just $25.

20) Whistler

Clean surroundings, double bed facility, privacy curtain, artwork, LED lighting, separate Locker, and charging ports are not the only facilities that you get over here. There is also a lot of flexibility involved in booking. You get to pay according to hourly rates in case you don’t want to spend the entire night over here.


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