places to visit in Switzerland

The Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is the most beautiful country in Europe and one of the best globally. Being famous for its calm atmosphere, picturesque apps, cultural cities, and dynamic economy make it a favorite destination of many celebrities, nature lovers and most honeymooners who want to escape in the country for their vacations. Despite being a tiny country, the tourism of Switzerland always remains at its peak throughout the year. The Swiss chocolates, watches, perfume, and local products have always given reason to come back.

The country has clear Turquoise flakes, wonderful mountains, a rich cultural history, ancient Castles and much more to discover. You are good to visit the place at any time of the year and there is no need to search where to go to Switzerland and the best hotels in Switzerland because every destination in this country is a tourist attraction in itself. There is nobody in the world who isn’t dazzled by the heavenly beauty of Switzerland’s top attractions. A visit to this mountainous European country gifted with mesmerizing beauty is enough to make a lasting impression.c

The best places to visit in Switzerland

Geneva City

Geneva City

Also known as the city of peace, Geneva is the second-most populous city in Switzerland. You will not find a single dull moment here. The city offers some of the most heart contenting landscapes and attractions. Enjoy the mesmerizing views of the city from the top of the saleve mountain range and spend a lovely and romantic evening with your loved one at Jet d’eau Fountain. 

Things to do in Geneva

  • Take a hiking tour at the saleve mountain.
  • Take a boat ride to the famous Chillon Castle.

Chateau De Chillon

Chateau De Chillon

Located over the lake Geneva, Chillon Castle is almost 4 century-old water fortress. It has ancient halls located within 25 buildings and three courtyards. You can enjoy the place while boating around it. Also, you can prefer traveling by bus or foot. the most visited historical places in Switzerland always deserve some appreciation from the visitors.

Things to do in Chateau de Chillon

  • Take a boat ride near Chateau de Chillon

Swiss National Park

Swiss National Park

You should never overlook The Spectacular Swiss park if you have selected Switzerland as your traveling destination. Flooded with Woodlands, snow-covered glaciers, and beautiful waterfalls, the national water park of Switzerland is also a perfect place for hiking. it has a mammoth collection of flora that appears magnificent and impressive. The place is also a home for Golden Eagles, chamois, marmots, and some other endangered species.

Things to do in Swiss National Park

  • Hike at a mountain or alpine trail.

Lake of Geneva

Among the best places to visit in Switzerland, one of them is the lake of Geneva surrounded by several cities. The liquid basin is also known as large water and extends up to 582 square kilometers. You can enjoy having some quality wine along with pedal boating throughout the Topaz water. Canton Vaud is the starting point of the lake. Geneva being the third-largest city of Switzerland has a very sophisticated population. It is a place for Elegant restaurants and enchanting museums. You can enjoy the prettiest towns within just 2 hours of a tour in the city of Geneva.



The city of Bern was earlier the capital of Switzerland. Every corner of the city spells the history of a beautiful country. The old town has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can enjoy looming over the archaic Towers, boutique bars and vaulted cellars. enjoy shopping little stuff from the weekly market that has a direct connection with their park and river Aare.

Things to do in Bern

  • Visit the famous building the Bern Münster.
  • Explore the UNESCO listed medieval center at Bern.


Not all the locations have time-worn churches and antique frescoes. You will enjoy the thrilling views in the city of Lucerne like no other destination. The wooden bridges look so much impressive and worth travelling. This compact city is sited on lake lucerne and acts as a gateway to central Switzerland. It is an ideal place to visit for first-time visitors in Switzerland and has a lot of things to do. One can enjoy a city tour, boat cruises, shopping here.

Things to do in Lucerne

  • Take a boat ride in Lake Lucerne
  • Visit Mt Rigi

Rhine Falls

If you would ask me where to go in Switzerland on the first day of the tour itself, my answer would be Rhine Falls without a delay of seconds. Rhine Falls is the largest waterfall in Europe and offers wonderful and breathtaking views. your experience during the Switzerland tourism increases exponentially once you catch The Spectacular view of the Rhine falls. Every year during the Swiss national day, travelers can enjoy the sensational fireworks. It attracts the local as well as foreign tourists humongously.

Things to do at Rhine Falls

  • Take a little tourist train
  • Visit miniature world at rhine falls.


This picture-perfect pyramid-shaped giant is often captured by the photographers because of its spellbound beauty. Located in Zermatt, Matterhorn stands 4478 tall. It is the best option for mountaineers who are looking forward to some extra challenge in hiking. An ideal destination for Hikers and snowboarders, you can always spend some quality time at this destination.

Things to do in Matterhorn

  • Visit “Matterhorn Museum” which explains the historic development of Zermatt
  • Take a top view of Gornergrat excursion.
  • Explore Zermatt city 


If you want to visit a quiet place in Switzerland then don’t miss out visiting Montreux. This waterfront featuring location has been flooded by flowers and trees in a very enchanting way. This charming old town is built on Lake Geneva and includes Freddie Mercury statue. Also, referred to as a soul-satisfying and a romantic place, this small town is surrounded by several vineyards. One takes a ride on a golden pass train and enjoys the panoramic views of this location. Montreux host the popular Jazz festival during the summer season.

Things to do in Montreux

  • Take a ride on Golden Pass Train and explore the natural beauty of this place.
  • Enjoy the sight of beautiful Lavaux vineyards


Places to visit in Switzerland include Zurich as a Cosmopolitan financial centre. This culturally vibrant city is a major art and shopping destination which attracts lots of tourists every year. Known as the world’s one of the most livable cities, Zurich offers everything that one would need to live in an urban escape. You can spend some time admiring the captivating lake of Zurich. if you are a big fan of dark chocolate, you can enjoy the original dark chocolate champagne truffles that are particularly available at this location.

Things to do in Zurich

  • Take a boat ride in Lake Zurich.
  • Shop at the famous Bahnhofstrasse. 


Lausanne being the most famous place in Switzerland holds special importance because of the international Olympic Committee having a base here. The giant city has much to explore. It has a vibrant Cafe culture where you can always relax.

Things to do in Lausanne

  • Pay a visit to Cathedral Notre Dame which is the largest cathedral in Switzerland
  • Enjoy breathtaking views of the city from the terrace of Lausanne Castle.
  • Enjoy the sunset at lake outch. 


Best known for natural resorts and theme-based parks, if you are looking forward to exploring more natural places in Switzerland, Interlaken will never disappoint you. It has an ideal mountain ranges, hiking trails, slopes, and everything to impress the sports lovers. even if you do not love hiking and skiing, there is much to do at this place. Choose to paraglide or simply join the wood carving classes. The local delicacies of Switzerland are easily available at this destination. The cheese lovers can ideally tickle their pallets at Interlaken.

Things to do in Interlaken

  • Enjoy paragliding and other outdoor activities.
  • Take a train ride to Schynige Platte and explore the beauty of this place.
  • Enjoy epic views from the famous Harder Kulm lookout 


How can we not include Appenzell in the best places to visit in Switzerland? After all, it represents the traditions of Switzerland and has everything compiled together for the quality entertainment of the visitors. If you love to hike over the mountains, you can find the rock formations as high as 2500 high.

Things to do in Appenzell

  • Take a cable car up to Ebenalp.
  • Try some appenzeller beer.

Engadin St Moritz

The rural life of Switzerland cannot be explored better apart from Engadin St. Moritz. There are interesting Lake views and small villages scattered throughout the area. The region has people from different cultures who speak English, German, and French.

Despite being a small town, the country of Switzerland has so much in it. Even if you plan out visiting the place every year, it won’t be possible to cover up the best places to visit in Switzerland even in a decade.

Things to do in ST. Moritz

  • Ride on the Bernina Express and take a tour of this enchanting place.
  • Go skiing at night

Jungfrau Region

Jungfrau Region

The Jungfrau region is an ideal place to visit in both the summer and winter seasons. Earlier, this Alps region was only frequented by adventure lovers but now this area is becoming popular among the tourists from everywhere. With its extensive rail network of railways and well-maintained walking and bike routes, the area is very accessible for travellers.

The Jungfrau region includes four spectacular cities which are, Maren, Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald and Wangen, and three imposing mountains: Eger, Monch, and Jungfrau. Jungfrabahun, one of the most scenic rail journeys in Switzerland, goes from the Klein Shaheedag mountain to Eiger and Mönch to Jungfrauach.

Things to do in the Jungfrau region

  • Visit Trummelbach Falls
  • Indulge in fun activities like Eiger Run, Fox Run, Sledging Run.
  • Go for hiking. 

Via Ferrata

If you are an adventure seeker, then via Ferrata is the place for you to visit in Switzerland. One should surely try climbing as an outdoor activity here as via Ferrata is a protected climbing route. One can even join a course and learn to climb.

Things to do in Via Ferrata

  • Take a guided climbing tour
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