Places to visit in Europe

Best Places to visit in Europe

For any travel enthusiast, Europe is heaven and without any doubt, tops the bucket list. There are so many European destinations to explore, cuisines to be tried, and things to do that will surprise you and mesmerize you at every go cities in Europe. Here is the Europe travel guide, list of best places to visit in Europe or cities from this continent that you need to visit without fail.

Best places to visit in Europe


Rome best destination to visit in Europe

Perhaps the love capital of the world but then it also makes the best destination to visit with your family. Rome was not built in a day and so will require some days to visit the place, but then it can be visited on foot. When visiting Rome, these are the below

Places to visit in Rome

Colosseum and its murderous games

Located in the Historic Center it is an iconic monument. It has the largest amphitheatre in the Roman World and has space for 50,000 spectators. The place is famous for gladiatorial combats, animal fights, and the Roman games that have seen too much blood loss.

The Roman Forum

If you have purchased ticket Colosseum then you get access to Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. It has the well-preserved ruins of the ancient market, administrative and religious buildings. Take a guided tour to the three places and dive in world history.

Vatican City

Vatican walls enclose this small independent state within Rome. There are several Hotels, gardens and palaces inside with a unique collection of beautiful architecture and artistic masterpieces. The city is considered as among the most sacred places in Christendom.

Palatine Hill

Right From the Colosseum, you can mount to Palatine Hill to get a panoramic view of the entire city. This hill is steep, so one has to be very careful while climbing it. You must reach on top to get access to the water fountain.

Spanish Steps

This place is recognized as Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti. Constructed by Francesco de Sanctis, this place has 135 steps; this attraction was built by who is a little-known architect. It links the Trinità dei Monti church with the Spanish square.

Best time to visit Rome

The best time to visit Rome is from September through November or April to May when the crowds are generally smaller. Weather is pleasant by this time with bright and sunny days while evenings are somehow cool.


Venice best city to visit in Europe

The most beautiful canal city of the world that will draw you here again and again. The floating city of Venice has the most scenic views of cathedrals, art galleries, churches, public squares, ancient museums, and marvellous castles that will cast a spell on you. Grand Canal that runs across the city is the most charming place for the lovebirds. Visit the following places in Italy and enjoy your stay:

Places to visit in Venice

Grand Canal

The iconic canal lined with beautiful palaces and castles on both sides is a sight to be cherished when the setting Sun shines on the sparkling water. Enjoy your Gondola ride in the canal and enjoy the view of the Venetian Gothic and Early Renaissance facades on both sides of the canal.

Rialto Bridge

Build over Grand Canal the bridge links two crowded streets of the city and is perhaps an iconic bridge to the town.

Doge’s Palace Venice

Situated on the banks of the Grand Canal it is a beautiful palace. During the early days, it was the Seat of the Government, the Palace of Justice and official residence of Doge. The architecture here is stunning and has the touch of Venetian Gothic architecture.

Best time to visit Venice

Summers are surely the peak season for Venise when prices for almost everything are skyrocketed, and the crowd is huge. If you want to spend less and want to enjoy Venise at the fullest, then Spring and Falls are the best seasons to visit this romantic city. Prices are cheaper as compared to the peak season, and the city is almost tourist free. Accommodations are readily available at affordable rates.


Eiffel Tower - Paris top rated city by European travelers

It is a dream destination spread over the Seine River in Northern France. The cityscape has some of the most iconic historical monument that boasts of its amazing architecture. Vintage palaces, art museums, stylish shopping hubs, cathedrals, landscaped gardens, Haunted Place Catacombs there is so much to see and experience in Paris.

Places to visit in Paris

Here is the list of the few of the must-visit places of Paris:

Eiffel Tower

Paris and Eiffel Tower are synonyms, are must-visit European travelers. It is a tower made of wrought iron and gives the best views of the city. Your trip to Paris is incomplete if you do not visit Paris. Enjoy exotic food and some shopping at the first two levels.

The Louvre Museum

It is a famous art museum situated in the heart of the city in a royal fort. It is the most crowded, lavish, and exotic museum of Paris that is divided into many sections like Egyptian, oriental antiquities, Islamic art, Greek and Roman art, paintings, and much more.

Cruise trip on Seine River

Your trip to Paris is incomplete until you have not taken a ride on a Cruise on the river Seine, especially at night. A sunset cruise trip on seine is the best way to enjoy the beauty of Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral

It is a famous Roman Catholic Cathedral and has Gothic style architecture, amazing sculptures, and gargoyles that will cast a spell on you


It is a hill located in the north of Paris and is best known for its white-domed Basilica. Also, visit Square of Tertre, which is just a few blocks away from this place where many artists exhibit their work. Nearby, the famous cabaret Moulin Rouge is located where you can enjoy the renowned Cabaret show.

Best time to visit Paris

The best time to visit Paris is from April to June and from October to early November. By this time, the weather is mild and enjoyable with smaller tourist crowds. Price wise also, it is cheaper comparative to peak season.


located in the center of Switzerland, this city is located right where the alp mountain range begins. With hills in the north and mountains in its south, this small town lies along the bank of river lucerne. This city is very much accessible and near Zurich airport has a lot to offer. Its picturesque and compact town center, museums, boat cruises, and best hotels make it one of the most visited places in Switzerland.

Places to visit in or near Lucerne

Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke): Chapel bridge is a 200 m long covered wooden bridge in the city center is around 700 years old. It is situated on river reus with 11 paintings in the inside. The bridge is easily accessible on foot. Also, you can go for a boat ride in rive lucerne.

Mount Titlis

It is famous for the world’s first revolving cable car ride. This place combines amazing sceneries with lifetime experience for the traveler.

Musegg Wall

It is a13th-century city walls located in the north of the town center, gives a chance to travelers to walk on history. This place offers panoramic views of Lucerne city. There is a total of 9 towers out of which only a few are accessible for the visitors.

Old town

The old town is small but good to walk around. Located near the river reus, it is one of the favorite tourist spots in the city. Preserved for guests with squares with fountains and cobblestone street, one will spot many mural paintings on some wall buildings which adds beauty to the town.

Mount Rigi

Mount Rigi is the Queen of the Mountains here. You can get there by train or funicular and relish the fantastic view over 13 lakes and the magnificent alpine panorama.

Best time to visit Paris

It is a year-round destination, drawing many visitors all the time. However, June to September is the peak season for Lucerne when this pleasant city is full of tourists from all around the globe. While from October till may is regarded as offseason where you can get good and cheap deals on your travel.