Best Places to Vacation in Florida in January

Best Places to Vacation in Florida in January

Florida is considered one of the most beautiful states in the United States, especially because of its beaches, golf courses, and several other interesting things. It has the capital situated in Tallahassee with a government being led by the republican party. Florida has several places of interest especially when it concerns tourist and their urge to be entertained with infrastructures, natural resources, beaches, parks and amongst all the residents of the states. In January, some very key places that can be visited include the following:

Each of these places was selected based on the weather situation and its peculiarities as regards this time of the year.

Florida Vacations in January

Walt Disney World Resort

In the Walt Disney World Resort located in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, the area has a weather condition of about 22 degrees on a high side and 11 degrees on the low side with a precipitation level of about 18%. The area seems to be calmer in January since a lot of people prefer coming later in the year and this is an advantage as the tourist has the chance to enjoy some peace of nature and quiet for that little time spent there. The hotels around the Walt Disney World Resort are quite affordable and they cost an average of $348 per night and it is advisable to stay for at least four-nights so to get a full grasp of the place and all its parts. It is a magical attraction site that has large resorts, dining areas, small shops, theme parks with a lot of rides and shows. The most useful asset in the park is the theme park tickets used to access entertainment, shows and several other cool events and the tickets have several plans offers which is based on preference.

Gulf Coast Of Florida

The gulf coast of Florida which is just around the Gulf of Mexico is another very interesting section with several beaches and islands located there which includes Panama city beach, St. George Island, Destin, Gulf County, St. Pete Beach, Naples and a few other settings. Each of these settings carries its beauty and intrigue coupled with the marvelous sunsets, white soft sand, clear beautiful waters with the best fishing layouts as well. On this coast, the seas are quite warm and they attract sea life of several kinds for safe passage and survival. One of the National seashores called Pensacola is specially fitted for tourists that want peace especially with the historic forts and preserved wetlands. Find here the best free things to do in Panama Beach.

St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine is a city on the Atlantic coast that has a long history with tourism. It has attractions like Old town tours, dolphin tours, and several other interesting activities. In January, the weather status daily has its high temperatures at around 66°F, rarely falling below 54°F or exceeding 78°F while the lowest daily average high temperature is 66°F. The weather is quite friendly and has made festivals and events at this time to be of optimum beauty for any tourists around the area. Some of the events in this month include winter wonderland, Nights of Lights, Twelfth night ball and several others

Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is an intriguing location on the coast with the potential to give tourist couples an aura for a cool weekend filled with love and candlelights. Siesta Key is an award-winning beach in Sarasota County with its shiny white sands and where some quiet can be fetched. The coast of Florida has cool stuff and attractions with intriguing sunsets perfect for views but the rich water body set around can detect how you want to design your paradise for your time there; all it takes is to explore. No matter how beautiful the Gulf of Mexico may seem in general, there is a specialty that is attached to the island on the coast of Florida.

Everglades National Park

The park is one of the largest parks in the United States as it covers over 2,400 square miles. The park makes it easy to carry out several activities as follows:

● Bicycling
● Boating
● Fishing
● Camping
● Geocaching and several other fun activities.

In January, it is best to visit the park as the rate of mosquitoes is low because of the cold breeze around this time. Also, at this time of the year, the waters around are dried since it is dry season so many hosted animals tend to remain in the permanent sloughs making it easier for tourists to view comfortably.

Miami Beach

Miami Beach has been stated to be another intriguing site for visits in January but it is important that every tourist makes it there and be a witness of the natural views that are contained there. The beach is a south Art Deco architectural district with over 800 buildings built between the 1930s and later in the 1940s and it is from these buildings that hotels, shops, and other chilled settings were carved. The nightlife is also a plus to the beauty of the beach especially in January when the weather is between 75 degrees Fahrenheit on the high side and 58 degrees Fahrenheit on the low side. Miami Beach is also famous for family vacation spots in the USA.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is a famous site in Florida which is just a few miles from Miami but it has intriguing properties that range from shopping settings to culture to events and most especially to entertainment. In the heart of Fort, there is a place called Stranahan House, which was built in the early days as far back as the 1900s but it’s furnished and beautiful for pictures and cooling-off. The weather is between 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 56 degrees Fahrenheit on the high and low side respectively. The fort must-do rituals include strolling the Riverwalk, shop, and beach around.

Key West

In Florida, several things are considered part of the system and one of them is waters and natural views. One beautiful setting is the Key West which is located in south Florida and the area is famous for watersports, nightlife, historic spots, and intriguing stylish architecture. In the center of the town, there is a cemetery that has funny inscriptions on the tombstones and has served as a place for humor for passers-by and tourists.

Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island

Another good place is Sanibel Island which is just a short drive from the famous Fort Myers. Ths sunsets, Resorts and Hotels in Sanibel, and lighthouses which have existed for a long time on the island are quite more intriguing than other settings in Florida. On this island, every tourist searches for shells by stooping over them while walking around to dining, hotels, fishing, relaxation or even boating. Staying on the island is a chance to get more acquainted with nature and its beauty in the mornings and evenings. The weather situation is the same as other locations of Florida in January. The island has some very interesting aquatic wildlife ranging from alligator to sea turtles and a few others but the beauty of the island is the government has put laws in place to protect the plant and animal life.

Key Largo

The key largo is one beautiful place to visit in January, especially since its location is in the north of the state. It is a popular tourist setting where divers are being displayed in different forms. The largo is being referred to as the “Diving Capital of The World” and attracts several divers from all over the world. Find best hotels in Key Largo for your next trip to Florida. In January, it has the following attractive properties:

● It has proximity to everglades
● It is at the Gulf of Mexico where the weather is almost perfect at January at about 77 degrees Fahrenheit on the High side and 64 degrees Fahrenheit on the low side
● Swimming with dolphins is a possibility
● Discover art from the gallery of Kona Kai

In conclusion, all the best places to visit in January in Florida have been detailed. Every point in Florida are very attractive at all times of the year but January has its specialty in events, entertainment, movie shows, Disney world displays, history buffs, museum, and many other attractive things.

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