Best Places To Stay In San Francisco

Best Places, Areas & Hotels To Stay In San Francisco

San Francisco is a city situated in the heart of the United States of America with a renowned reputation in tourism, technology, and private-sector technologies. It has over 800,000 inhabitants as of 2018 and records as the 13th most populous city in the country. Aside from all these, San Francisco is popular as a tourist destination with its cool summers, ecstatic architecture and some landmarks like cable cars, golden gate bridge amongst many others.

The city also harbors several headquarter buildings of several major banks and companies which includes Lyft, Uber, Dropbox, Reddit amongst several others. San Francisco hosts some very renowned educational institutions like the University of California, Museum of Modern art and few others.

Tourism in San Francisco is on a whole new level featuring popular cultures, landmarks, entertainment, views amongst many other tourist attractions. It has received over 25 million visitors and has contributed billions of dollars to the city economy and has hosted several annual conferences and conventions whether for tech, business, music or entertainment. In all these, the questions of where to stay in San Francisco? where to eat? Where to go? Where are the best hotels in San Francisco? And lots of others will continue to raise its head in your mind But then, there are options ranging from hotels, inns, motels, and others. Some of the best hotels with luxurious amenities in San Francisco are listed as follows:

The Battery

It is regarded as one of the few best hotels in the city with a price range of about $495 per night. It is located at 717 Battery St, San Francisco, CA 94111, United States. The luxurious hotel treats every guest as a resident and gives them access to facilities like soaking tubs, private pools, fitness centers and of course the club facilities. It also features some exciting luxurious amenities that include: shower tub, Wi-Fi for steady connections, 60’’ HDTV and a very welcoming sound system that gives the guest a grounding sound with environmental cover. Apart from the fact that the front-desk is always available, the hotel has a liquor section that runs 24 hours with mixers and a range of snacks to enjoy in the bar.

The pinpoint of this hotel is the penthouse which has a spacious living area, fireplace, kitchen carved out, top appliances, two bathrooms, outdoor zone with city view and of course gadgets like sound system, and HDTV screens are installed for maximum relaxation.

Intercontinental San Francisco

Good 183 Reviews 8.3 888 Howard Street

There are several hotels in San Francisco but getting the best is gotten by intense work and research. Intercontinental San Francisco is attributed to be a world-class hotel with nice architecture and suitable services offers. The hotel is located at 888 Howard Street, South of Market, San Francisco. The hotels feature over 500 rooms and other offers like Michelin-starred restaurant, fitness center, indoor pool, Jacuzzi, bar and an exciting 24-hour in-room dining for guests.

The reception given to guests is quite exciting but there are weight restrictions in some rooms but pets are allowed to access the amenities without paying a penny. Also, It has a conference center that contains two large ballrooms, an executive board room, and 21 active meeting rooms. Some nearby attractions include the Urban Adventures, Yerba Buena Gardens then Powell and Market Cable car Turnaround. In this hotel, getting the view of the bay is an added advantage to being a guest which adds up to the exciting experience in the city. The InterContinental hotel features a special taste of design, luxurious amenities, and hospitality to guests with a good rate of less than $200 on average.

  • Restaurant
  • Pets allowed
  • Meeting/banquet facilities
  • Bar
  • Fitness centre
  • Dry cleaning
  • Family rooms
  • Currency exchange
  • Hot tub/jacuzzi
  • Heating
  • WiFi
  • WiFi available in all areas
  • Paid WiFi
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Hotel Vitale

Good 0 Reviews 0 8 Mission Street 94105

In talking about luxuriousness in hotel standards, the Hotel Vitale is the choice for all. The hotel is regarded as a Luxury Boutique Hotel on San Francisco’s Embarcadero with properties that include nice surroundings, waterfront, restaurants amongst many others. The boutique hotel is one of the most interesting sites in the bay area for some reasons like location, personal service, and luxury retreat. Hotel Vitale has taken time to mix the taste of waterfront views of the Embarcadero and downtown as well as nice views from the popular Bay bridge or walking distance to the popular Ferry building with historic values. Vacation is for having a nice time especially with luxury which is available in Hotel Vitale but the street is also a market street and lastly, the Spa has its special influence on anybody that handled with the usual ritual. On a general note, the hotel costs less than $400 per night but offers top-notch services.

  • Restaurant
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Hotel Drisco

Good 2 Reviews 9.8 2901 PACIFIC AVENUE

  • Meeting/banquet facilities
  • Fitness centre
  • Golf course (within 3 km)
  • Business centre
  • Dry cleaning
  • Family rooms
  • WiFi
  • Free WiFi
  • WiFi available in all areas
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There are other hotels but the best of them has been detailed but there are sites of interest for every guest that stays in San Francisco. As a matter of fact, being in these sites is part of staying in the hotels. The sites of interest that are suitable to complete the stay in the hotels in San Francisco include the following:

Pier 39

Pier 39 is one of the most famous areas in San Francisco as it features attractions, dining, shopping, events, sea lion views, music, and several other intrinsic offers. Some of the attractions include the discovery of sea creatures in the Aquarium Bay, 7D experience, Adventure cat sailing charters, bike tours, bay voyager, caricatures, musical stairs, open heart, marina, arcade, rocket boat, whale tours, and the street performers. Each of these attractions has been carefully built to offer visitors the best of services in fun, realness, and relaxation.

They are also shoppings that take place in the Pier 39 area and some of the stores include the Alcatraz gift shop, Alcatraz book store, bliss, Bow Wow, aquarium of the bay, candy baron, build-a-bear workshop amongst many other interesting stores loaded with quality materials in apparels, body care, jewelry, snacks, and specialty shops.

Other offers like the dining and events just feature good meals and interesting events where special skills in music, trick, fire plays, and others are showcased. Pier 39 has all it needs to offer the best services, the guests must now take the step and claim the fun. Some other ways to enjoy the are is to go for cruises, fisherman Wharf walking tour and Big bus San Francisco hop tour while all of them cost less than $40 per person.

Union Square

Good 205 Reviews 7.7 114 Powell Street

Union square is a plaza located in San Francisco and refers to a central hotel point, theater district and several historic sites. This place features different levels of events, dining options, boutiques, art galleries amongst several others. Each of the functions in the plaza has attracted thousands of people to the square over the years. The area has become a major tourist destination while hotels and inns located around there has increased in customers for both the rooms and other facilities.

One of the most beautiful landmarks in the area is the Dewey Monument located at the center of the square which is a status of Nike which is believed to be the Greek Goddess of Victory. Some surrounding attractions include the Geary and Curran theaters, Bay Area, Hallidie Plaza at Market Street, which is connected to the SOMA District, Nob Hill with mansions, apartments and finally nice buildings. There are French restaurants and cafes, sites for the Bastille Day celebration which is an annual event, boutiques, and many other landmarks.

The square is accessible with subway systems Metro, trolleybus, streetcars and of course the usual taxis. Some shopping options include department stores, Macy’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Westfield San Francisco Center and the famous Neiman Marcus. The whole plaza is always bustling at several times of the day but all these activities keep the place attractive for guests.

  • Business centre
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Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is never compromised when the attractions of San Francisco are discussed or showcased. The suspension bridge covers a total distance of about 1.6 km which connects the Bay and the pacific ocean. The bridge links the main state of the San Francisco Peninsula to Marin county and also recognized as the symbol of the city and the wonders of the modern world by the American Society of Civil engineers.

The bridge has a walkway by the eastern side where pedestrians and bike riders use at the right time between morning and mid-afternoon for weekdays but for the weekend it is preserved for only the pedestrians in the afternoon then bikers in the evening and all through the night. There are also bus services used on the roads with certain good life habitated around the bridge which features different wildlife animals.

There are cafes and coffee points around the bridge for use by paper-bys and bridge users who wish to relax or rest for a few minutes. The golden gate bridge is viewed from all parts of the city and some views actually stand-out but the bridge has attracted the different levels of visitors from all over the world.

Golden Gate Park

As a matter of information on the golden state park, it is regarded as the third most-visited city park in the United States after Central Park and the Lincoln Memorial. The park features visitors from several levels of life, especially in summer when the views are quiet and relaxing. Some of the relevant parts of the park is the De Young Museum filled with several art paintings, sculptures, household antiques and other items that have counted over a million items. Other areas of the park include the Academy of Sciences and Japanese Tea Garden.

The last moist intriguing part of the park is the flower conservatory which is the largest in the world and stands at 12,000 square feet. The conservatory includes the potted plant’s gallery, lowland gallery, highlands gallery, and aquatics gallery. The park has proven to attract tourists, especially to its museums, statuses, carousel, lakes, Hippie Hill, Bison paddock and several others.

Hotel VIA

Another boutique hotel is the hotel VIA with exciting offers of views, bars and of course the popular South Beach neighborhood. The Hotel VIA creates a meeting junction for art, culture, entertainment, and music. The whole hotel features a lot of South Beach designs so the guests can have an imagined feeling of the real vibrant South Beach. Some of the luxurious amenities include Wi-FI, KEYPR Guest experience, Refrigerator, Safe box, smart thermostat, hairdryer, ironing board amongst other comfortable offers. The hotel is said to have custom-made furnishings and cutting edge technology used in all parts of the building. The goal of the hotel is to produce a south beach atmosphere for all guests to enjoy and have a good time. It has an average cost of about $200 per night with varying amenities.


Generally, San Francisco is a nice city but enjoying the maximum potential of the city, you must be part of the hotels and sites. The parks, plazas, hotels and the bridge come together to create an atmosphere that cannot be a barrier to a tourist.

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