Best Beaches in Thailand

Best Beaches in Thailand

Thailand is an Asian country with a diverse level of tourist attractions located all around the city, especially the beaches, figures of Budha, royal palaces, temples of Budha and several other intriguing locations. It is believed that the capital which is Bangkok has more tourist sites than other locations in the country, especially because of the palace situated there. 

When it comes to beautiful beaches, Thailand has some of the most exciting beaches in Asia coupled with the weather, white sand, beach bar, and other natural settlements as well. With 8000 tropical islands and over 2000 miles of coastline, Thailand offers visitors a wide variety of beaches to choose from that has secluded coves, stretches of sand that is full of people who are partying or beaches that are virgin and untouched. There are many beachfront, 5 star, luxury hotels in Thailand. Just make your call and visit these beaches for the perfect dream vacations and much more. Here are the best beaches in Thailand that you need to tread:

Best Beaches to Visit in Thailand

Freedom Beach

The freedom beach is rated one of the best beaches in the whole of Thailand and it is situated very close to Patong in Phuket and it plays a great role in attracting tourists to the city. The beach is a wide land filled with white sand and it measures about 300m approximately while decorated with fine rocks and granite stones.

The beach is also surrounded by several natural vegetation and bushland. It also requires a few dollars to access the beach as a token but every tourist is required to trek a distance before getting to the main beach where the pool of water and a sea of people are both situated. Several activities are performed on the beach and they include beach football/soccer, snorkeling, and several other beach games. The last intriguing thing about the beach is the quietness around the shore as there are jet-skis anywhere but the only sound is usually from boats used to move people in and out of the beach water-side which is the only form of access. Freedom beach is a nice beach to visit as a tourist as there is a surety that your time will be well spent.

Railay Beach

Railay beach is a peninsula located in Thailand and accessible only by boats. The beach is also called the Rai Leh and it consists of at least four beaches accessible only by long-tail boats and has white sand zones, limestone cliffs, caves, lagoons, and several other intriguing natural properties. The beach does not have roads but footpaths for strolls and walks and this has made the beach more adventurous with good vegetations, coverings and beautiful sunsets. On the beach, some sections include Railay West and Railay East plus even the hotels are quite affordable ranging from 3-star to 5-star rate availability.

Sunset Beach

In Patong, there are several beaches but Sunset Beach has proven intriguing and exciting in past years and has contributed greatly to increasing Thailand levels in tourism. The beach is located on an island called Koh Kradan and it has several beaches with some coral off the shores. It is also a great beach to snorkel and play some other exciting activities. The sunset on this beach is surprisingly beautiful and can be viewed from anywhere around the beach, especially those in the bar shades or hotel room. The beach has a hotel called the Sunset Beach Resort that has available rates for visitors and tourists to lodge and rest after having so much fun at the beach with the white sand and water.

White Sand Beach

The white sand beach has its special properties but generally, it is one popular beach with an ecstatic out view. The beach is located on the Ko chang which is far north in Thailand and just perfect for a family vacation. Every single thing required to enjoy your stay is available here ranging from food, drinks, accommodation, music, peace and other things. It is the busiest beach on the island but large enough to give every visitor a chance to enjoy the stay as well white sand is more than two-thirds of the dry land. It is quite famous for its long stretch of sugary sand, this beach is beautiful, quaint and quiet. It has some of the best resorts, restaurants, and bars. The dining options are quite vast to accommodate both western and Thai kinds of dishes at very affordable rates. Tourist that love quietness will find the White sand beach particularly intriguing.

Kata Beach

Kata Beach is an interesting location just a few minute’s drive from the famous Karon Beach. The beach entices and attracts several tourists from all over the world but most families that have decided to take time out to have fun and strengthen the pre-existing relationship. The beach has a wide land filled with white sand and also a clear sky blue water for views and clean pictures. Kata Beach has several dining options for different levels of tourists at affordable rates but the population is more around June till October. The beach has marts and small stores where souvenirs and personal items could be purchased for use. Accommodation is also affordable on this beach as the Lata Beach resort has got everyone covered no matter your budget.

Bottle Beach

Bottle Beach is located in Koh Phangan and one of the most beautiful in Hat Kuat in Thailand. The beach is famous for hosting drug-dealers and party-goers from different international settings. The beach also hosts a party called the Full Moon party annually where the real nightlife is enjoyed to the fullest. Like other beaches, It has white sand covered in a wide range of land but can only be accessible by boat. The beauty of the beach is very few people visit the beach so it stays quiet for relaxation and collection of thoughts. It’s a relaxing beach for a real peaceful vacation from work and city stress.

Chaweng Beach

Chaweng beach is located in Koh Samui, which is the biggest town among the island towns. The beach has fewer activities and it’s surrounded by cocktail bars, dining locations, restaurants, girly bars amongst many other exciting locations around the beach. The beach has very interesting nightlife and attracts more tourists at night to enjoy the fullness of the weather level and drinks coupled with music from all walks of life. There are several other beaches but Chaweng has proven most wonderful from recent surveys and turnouts. The beach has three sections; central, south and north Chaweng whole each of them has their own peculiarities ranging from lagoon locations, bars/nightlife and secluded place respectively.

Patong Beach

Just 2.5 km from the main city, this beach destination is famous for its nightlife. This beach is more than the Sun, sand, and sea. It is the unofficial party capital of Phuket. It is vibrant with buzzing nightclubs, restaurants, bars, and tourist shops. Also to cater to the adventure quotient the beach spread over 3.2 mile offers options for jet ski, local wares, parasailing and much more. Although this beach is very busy and a popular place, but there are some quieter beaches on either side of Patong beach where visitors can find a nice quiet time. 

Hat Pramong

If you want to desire to spend some quiet time laying on the white sand, Hat Pramong beach is best for you. Located on a small bay KoLIpe this Sunset Beach, it faces west and has the best sunset view. The beach should be visited to see what Thailand was once, it does not boast of large resorts but then it has for the travelers the best and comfortable bungalows and huts.

Phra Nang Beach

It is located in the southern tip of Railay, a peninsula on the Andaman Coast is stunning as it is framed by the limestone cliffs and has beautiful clear emerald waters and the white sands. 

Maya Bay

The stunning site on the Ko Phi PhiLeh is the famous location from the film “The Beach”. This beach is frequented by visitors from across the globe and it never fails to mesmerize them with its sheltered bay that is framed on three sides by tall cliffs. If you are looking for some adventure then this beach is best suited for diving and snorkeling

HuaHin Beach

Take a day trip to Huahin Beach which is less explored by tourists and mostly remains crowded by the locals. In fact, for the local Thais, Huahin is the best beach holiday destination. It was originally built as a royal getaway for King Rama VII. The 5-mile long beach is still used by Thai royalty. This pretty beach has clear waters that are just apt for snorkeling and scuba diving. There are several resorts, bars, cafes, and restaurants nearby for travelers.

In conclusion, Thailand has the best beaches across Asia and even other continents. All it takes is planning and every single thing you need to enjoy your stay at the beaches will be provided in a matter of time either as a tourist, family or individual.