Best Beaches in Australia

Best Beaches In Australia

Australia is a country of beaches. It is no secret that Australia has some of the best beaches in the world given that Australia is essentially one gobsmacking, beautiful coastline. There are a number of beaches in Australia to visit throughout the year. Find here some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches where you can spend quality time and relax.

One fun fact about Australia and Its beaches

When the University of Sydney started a study on rounding out the total number of beaches in the country, it turned out not to be an easy task. The study included the beaches sporting at least 20 meters of dry space present when there is a high tide. When the study concluded, the report said Australia has 10,500 beaches and the coastline of 27,000 km.

Below listed are some of the best beaches in Australia and are worth a visit during your trip to Australia.

Four Mile Beach

This beach is in Port Douglas, Queensland. Four Mile Beach is a real treat the eyes when you want to have some relaxing time or visiting Queensland for exploring purpose. The beach and the clear water here have some charisma attached to it that who visits this place doesn’t want to leave.

However, there can be witnessed the appearance of box jellyfish which is poisonous. A mesh is installed to keep them away and bottles of vinegar are also placed all around the beach so that you can get the first aid if got stung.

Bondi Beach

Who doesn’t know this one? One of the most popular beaches around the world. Numerous films and TV shows are filmed here. You can find surfers, swimmers, sunbathers, all of them at this beach along with sun-tanned highly trained lifeguards. 

It is also the favorite spot for the locals who love to swim here in not-so-warm water throughout the year. Bondi also is a place if you want to sit and relax in a cafe or if you want to do shopping.

Manly Beach

Though Manly is known for its Rugby Union Team, this beach has not failed to claim its place in the heart of tourists. t. Considered as one of Australia’s quietest beaches, Manly Beach looks stunning at Sunrises. If you want to spend some quiet time on the beach which is less crowded then this may be your best place. Manly is an oversized beach with the most beautiful views. It is a great place for a romantic dinner and a walk along the beach. You can also go shopping along the port.The beach also hosted the first surfing championship around 50 years ago. You can get here by ferry that departs from Circular Quay and if we believe the tourists from around the world, there is no question if the trip is worth or not. 

Whitehaven Beach

Having a stretch of a long 7 kilometers, the beach used to be the most famous beach in Australia but couldn’t maintain its position due to increasing competition. The biggest beach Whitsundays Island has beautiful and very soft sand that is next to impossible to find on any beach in the world.

You can also witness the coral roofs from the top of the hill if you are willing to get away from the sand and explore another aspect of this place.

Surfer’s Paradise

80 kilometers to the south of Brisbane, this beach is known for its crystal clear and warm water. Here, you can also enjoy the nightlife and the view of the exceptionally beautiful skyline. 

The main attraction of this place is the beach obviously but also the nightlife along with capital restaurants and cafes. 

Rapid Bay, South Australia

A little far from Adelaide at 100 kilometers north, a small town along with this bay is located and known as Fleurieu Peninsula. Only an explorer will find his/her way to this beach as it is hidden under some splendid cliffs.

As it’s not one of those Australia beaches where tourists flock up, this place is much peaceful and there are no lifeguards on duty as well.

Noosa Main Beach

For those who are still learning how to surf, this beach located 130 kilometers north of Brisbane can be the best learning space. Packed with gentle waves and lifeguards available all around are the reasons that make it a good learning place.

As it’s on the northern side, the water is much warmer and the place is also well-screened.

Seventy-Five Mile Beach

One of the largest islands expanded in around 166,000 hectares, the rainforest and soft sand of this place makes it a real treat for the visitors. Shipwrecks, dunes along with crystal clear lakes, all are found here.

Also, accommodation in the natural environment is also provided here and those who love fishing can also find this place much relaxing. 

Mooloolaba Beach

Located on the Sunshine Coast, this beach is well-screened and has very calm water. This is the reason that it is one of the top attractions among surfers, swimmers, etc. there are also some rock pools that make this beach a favorite family vacation destination as well.

Some fine restaurants and shopping spots are also made for the luxury of tourists.

Cable Beach, Western Australia

Even in the main season which is in the duration of May to October, this beach never gets crowded and you will never feel like you chose a wrong spot to relax. Looking at the sun setting in the Indian Ocean, a chilled beer in your hand and your partner by your side, the feeling could not be expressed in words.

This place also offers a camel ride and a range of souvenir shops to get something to keep in your memory lane.

Bell’s Beach

Being among the best beaches to surf in Australia, Surfers love this place. This beach is located approximately 100 kilometers south of Melbourne. However, you may face some challenging waves in the duration of March to October. This beach also hosts a 5-meter surfing challenge and hundreds of spectators watch them perform. The world’s best surfers participate in this contest. Beach Rip Curl hosts Easter Pro, the longest-running surf competition in the world. The top-ranked surfers get up on the beach to be a part of this competition. So, if you love surfing, Bells Beach is for you. With surfing, you can relax and sunbathe while staring at the beautiful coastal scenery on the beach.

The Basin, Rottnest Island

Equipped with some fantastic views and sceneries, this beach is home to many marine creatures. The crystal clear water makes the experience even better. The real fun would be doing snorkeling here. So it’s recommended that if you are coming here, come with all the gears.

The Basin is located some 18 kilometers away from the coast of Perth.

Burleigh Heads

The best spot for satisfying your urge to photograph some wildlife and marine life. This place has a lot to offer in terms of local food and fresh fish.

Located on the Southern side of the Gold Coast, this place will also not disappoint any shoppers as it offers a wide range of shops for everything.

Mandalay Beach

Western Australia is often overlooked by travelers in favor of the East Coast but if you happen to visit here, you will be rewarded with stunning beaches of this place. The Mandalay beach, located in the south of Perth is a perfect example. The secluded location of the beach only adds to its untouched beauty with the rocky headland, an attractive stretch of sane and the sequestered place around the beach makes it completely different from other beaches.

Turquoise Bay

It is a beautiful beach, but what makes it extra special is that you can smell the Ninglu rock with it. Just swim out of the beach and a current will take you past the stunning coral, beautiful fish, turtles and maybe even a shark. Pure heaven. It is known as one of the best beaches in Western Australia. ‘The beach is wide, remote, and for very few people means a quiet day in the tropics. Underwater marine life makes this beach even more spectacular with the stunning Ninglu Coral Reef ‘, writes The Uncommented Market. Turquoise Bay receives 275 days of sunshine per year and an average temperature of 17oC.

Turquoise Bay

The sand is obviously the best part but it is shadowed by the presence of Ningaloo Reef. facing the Indian Ocean and comes under the Cape Range National Park, the place is filled with turtles and octopuses. Also, a great place for snorkeling as well as scuba diving. However, amateur divers shouldn’t go without a professional’s help because the waves are much stronger sometimes on this beach.